Heath Ritenour on Changes to Be Adapted By Insurance Industry after the Covid-19 Pandemic

The wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic crippled most business operations. As a result, different businesses were forced to shut down or find innovative ways of continuing operations, such as working from home. One of the sectors that felt this impact is the insurance sector. Most state governments put in place the cessation of unnecessary movement to contain the virus’s rapid spread. As a result, fewer auto insurance claims have been made since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, most policyholders have again had a hard time paying for their premium policies due to loss of jobs or cut of pay.

Despite the challenges being witnessed in the insurance industry, Heath Ritenour has urged people to focus on the positive side of the pandemic. Heath Ritenour has grown in the insurance industry, with both his parents being founders of the Insurance Office of America. Currently, the company is ranked 11th largest in the United States among other insurance brokerages that are privately held. In 2008, he joined his parents’ company as the CEO. However, his father’s retirement from the company increased his rank to the chairman and CEO of the company. Heath also serves as the president of the IOA Foundation, which facilitates the company’s philanthropic nature.

It is no doubt that the insurance industry has been adamant about technological changes for a long time. However, Heath Ritenour feels like adapting to changes, especially after the pandemic’s unprecedented challenges, is imminent. As a result, he cites some of the few changes to be incorporated.

Heath Ritenour mentions that more insurance agents have been grounded to working from home due to the pandemic. Therefore, as a policyholder, you need to be acquainted with the fact that getting hold of such agents now requires appointments. Walk-ins to their offices cannot work anymore. Heath Ritenour also appreciates the fact that there has been a need to adapt to new insurance technology, such as the use of drones and satellites when viewing insurance claims.

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Insight of the Former Chief Economist of SEC and Online Trading Academy on Retail Education

Education is used severally in the financial industry. It is of great importance to investors and retail traders. The Online Trading Academy recognizes that education is not all equal; hence they decided to seek the opinion of Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, a financial expert. He was the former Chief Economist of the Securities and Exchange Commission and currently works at the American University.

Online Trading Academy has been there for more than 24 years. It has consistently grown since it started with over 40 education centers globally. It’s perfect for those who want to grow proficiency, build skills, have more confidence for investing and trading in the financial markets. It’s the leader in financial education. Strategies used to teach at OTA are to assist investors and traders in making smart moves aligning with their long-term and short-term goals. Proficient instructors teach students with vast online education resources and CliK. Online Trading Academy has served close to 100,000 students satisfied with it.

According to Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, OTA’s educational methods are similar to the college-level venture and subordinates courses of both alumni and undergrad levels. He is excited at how financial technology is enabling and improving learning and risk management. CliK helps students learn and uses technology to support the disciplined method of trading and risk management that Online Trading Academy teaches in its program. Dr. Harris further stated that CliK is essential to people who want to gain confidence with investing and trading.

Dr. Harris is enthusiastic about financial education as a life skill and is committed to finding ways to expand financial education to more people. He has reviewed Online Trading Academy’s course materials, CliK, and attended virtual classes. According to Dr. Harris, some education is theoretical, and some is informational.

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Haiti´s Democracy Representation by Georgette Mulheir

Defend Haiti’s Democracy is an action group set up to bring attention to the civil crisis ensured in the past chain of events. It comprises human rights defenders working collaboratively to restore peace and harmony to the nation’s people. At the moment, the people of Haiti are dealing with rampant organized crime, and according to Defend Haiti’s Democracy’s plea for assistance, children and government opposition are the main targets of the violence (Voice-online).


It seems that ever since the earthquake in 2010, the nation of Haiti has been on a downward spiral both economically and politically. Basic infrastructures are still lacking, and local gangs terrorize the agricultural regions, Georgette Mulheir points out. Part of why crime is on the rise has been linked to criminal elements sanctioned by law enforcement officials loyal to the sitting president. When the parliamentary elections scheduled for 2019 stalled, the president took advantage of installing his loyalists into power. As a result, organized gangs have become common practice to attack and kidnap activists who speak out against the apparent lawlessness. In light of the humanitarian crisis, Defend Haiti’s Democracy organization has taken it upon themselves to bring international attention to their concerns about Haiti’s future. 

The ultimate goal is to develop solutions that can systematically address and remedy the political crisis and the grievous crimes against humanity. The democracy and legal system are to be reinstated to the wohle Haitian society peacefully, and so the people at Defend Haiti’s Democracy have been collaborating with various professionals to discuss the best approaches to end the violence. Georgette Mulheir is one of the many representatives for Defend Haiti’s Democracy; she actively represents the Haitian crisis in the European nations and is a long-time professional in national child care systems. Over the years, Georgette Mulheir has introduced and trained thousands of care system personnel and established emergency child care programs in several countries.

Asot Michael and Politics at Antigua & Barbuda

Asot Michael is a son to one of the Antigua & Barmuda long-time politicians Patrick Michael. He diligently followed in his father’s footsteps as he is currently a serving member of parliament in his country. Asot Michael was born in 1969 to a large family known for its interest in political matters. He was brought up in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, with all his other family members. Asot Michael was quite unfortunate as when he was getting born, the man he is named after had passed on the previous year due to a heart attack. Asot grandfather got a heart attack after witnessing his property get torched by ruddy protestors in Redcliff against specific government directives around the year 1968. Asot wanted and wished he could spend some time with his grandfather and get to know him better.


Asot Michael recalls that his father, Patrick Michael, has been quite ablest with Antigua’s political happenings and is among the founding members of the Antigua and Barbuda labour party. Patrick was one of the highest supporters and contributors to the functions and services of the Antigua & Barbuda labor party. Asot Michael was pretty dedicated to ensuring the party founders’ vision does not vanish and lives on to see the light of the day. Despite the party getting registered when Antigua & Barbuda was undergoing some hard time politically, the party has lived to its vision and mission. Another generation of vibrant and politically conscious Patrick Michael generation has been replaced by the Asot brothers, Maurice, Mitchel, and Asot himself. 


These brothers have been engaging in the country’s social-political activities. Their contribution has had some beautiful impacts on the policies and shaping the lives of Antigua & Barbuda citizens. Asot Michael and his brothers have occupied several government positions in various capacities. They have also been involved in philanthropic missions centered around the country’s social and economic transformation as a whole. Asot Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Economics and Finance from Barry University. He is also an MBA holder from Miami University, where got listed on the Dean’s list. Asot Michael has created his portfolio for the less privileged society, with a mission to care and love.


Keep on reading about Asot Michael and political career at Antigua & Barbuda https://www.europeanbusinessreview.com/asot-michael-urges-no-nonsense-plan-to-antigua-barbuda-economic-recovery/

Wes Edens on why he invested into the BAL and what it could turn into

Wes Edens is recognized as the CEO of New Fortress Energy and the owner of the NBA franchise, the Milwaukee Bucks. The CEO answered some questions regarding his investment into the BAL, known as the Basketball Africa League, and their future. He drew interest into the league naturally to see the athletic talent that can transition to superstardom. The main purpose of the BAL, according to Wes Edens, is for it to be a league of its own that will be competitive. He reflects he loves sports and believes it blends well with business opportunities. For the BAL to take itself to the next level, the CEO affirms the media will and needs to play a big role. Edens believes the two come hand in hand with one another. He sees Africa as a good location to bring renewable clean energy through his company in New Fortress Energy. Wes Edens believes, when entering new markets, that everyone has to be on the same page. He labels himself as a patient individual but not when it comes to working within a time frame. The CEO sees Rwanda as a highly valuable investment opportunity. He greatly credits the leadership of their president. Rwanda has the chance to grow tremendously and become something special in the future. Wes Edens summarizes he regularly has meetings about the BAL and NBA on what to change going forward. One of the main challenges is travel and having the infrastructure. Edens believes the BAL will evolve and become something big like what occurred with the G-League.

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Why Fortress Investment Group is Directing Resources to the Renewable Energy Business

Renewable energy has become a buzz in the last few years. There is a feeling that the fossil energy sources that the world is currently using will not be in existence in the next few years. There is also a very deliberate move of ensuring that the use of fossil energy is reduced or fully eliminated in most of the countries around the world. That is why Fortress Investment Group has been very committed to investing in the renewable energy sector.

Fortress Investment Group is not the only organization in New York that has been paying attention to the progress of the renewable energy sector. There are other entities in New York City that have a sense that this is an opportunity they should be incorporating so that they can achieve the desired results that they all want to incorporate in their business operations, which is an idea that every company has been looking to achieve.

Therefore, Fortress Investment Group has been very proactive in investing in this market. There are very many renewable energy investments that the organization has already been able to incorporate in the last few years in the market. The most prominent aspect that the organization has already incorporated is the renewable energy plant in Jamaica, which is expected to be the first renewable energy plant in the Caribbean.

Fortress Investment Group is not only investing in the tangible assets that are operating in the energy business. There is a feeling that the organization has also been looking to buy shares in the companies that have been in the market for an extended period. That is why the organization has been buying shares from the companies that operate in the renewable energy business. This demonstrates how much the company is focused on investing in the renewable energy business that is very lucrative.

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DSI Launches Cloud Inventory Software To Handle Field Inventory Management Effectively

Manufacturers as well as distributors across the world can now smile thanks to the release of cloud inventory software by Data Systems International. Unlike in the past when it would take manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers several days even months to track products, the cloud inventory software has made it easy and fast. Now, one can carry his or her field inventory management business within minutes without leaving the office. When used as needed, the robust software comes with scores of benefits.

According to DSI, one of the world’s leading software providers says its cloud inventory software is the answer to all of their clients’ Field Inventory Management problems. In fact, DSI wrote on their website the day of the release of the latest and perhaps the fasted version of cloud inventory product saying, “This new product will end the kind of slavery manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers have gone through for many years. Our tool gives you unprecedented power and ability to manage, monitor, and control all field inventory management projects from the comfort of your office.”

Data Systems International added that the software helps in the increment of productivity whether at the warehouse level or during distribution. Besides, the firm said its cloud inventory product ensures maximum revenue collection, optimization of various field inventory management projects and increased compliance. “The future of warehousing, manufacturing of various products, distribution and stock talking will be a touch on a button. Besides, nobody will be required to leave your chair while you want to carry out your field inventory management,” said DSI. Read this article for related information.

This latest version of the cloud inventory equipping managers with the excessive ability to monitor and track their assets, jobsite supplies, various tools needed in the game, and any other consignment materials that may be required in or outside the warehouse. In addition, Cloud Inventory ensures easy and faster configurations, robust and widespread standard applications, as well as insights dashboards that help mangers to monitor and supervise work.


Find more information about them on www.dcvelocity.com/articles/50536-dsi-cloud-inventory-field-inventory-offers-integration-with-salesforce

Who Is Author Solutions?

Author Solutions has been around since 1997 in Bloomington, Indiana. It has given a lot of people in different countries the opportunity to become the author of their dreams. They have made their imprints to be accessible to writers by ensuring writers be in control of their editing, page layout, and cover design. Writers will be able to accomplish their visions, careers, and dreams on this platform.

Over 300,000 titles have been published by this world-famous platform by 250,000 authors who have found it to be successful. It has given authors the ability to display their self-publishing services from the beginning to the end. They have the best experienced and knowledgeable experts to complete such a tremendous task in the self-publishing industry. This is a platform that is very much affordable and unique in the sense that you will receive a full package.

They have partnered with the likes of Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins Christian who are very successful in publishing books, also retailing and distribution with Ingram and Indigo, etc. This broadens a writer’s self-confidence in that they have made the right decision to come here.

The support of Author Solution’s involvement includes contacts, resources, and industry insights that will involve your creativity. Many authors’ books can be seen on TV, in bookstores, on amazon, also seeing their books turn into films, etc., this is because writers chose the best platform which is Author Solutions.

Author Solutions has become one of the most famous platforms worldwide in places such as Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Singapore. So, if you are a new writer who doesn’t know where to start and wants to be successful in what you do. Author Solutions is here to help you every step of the way. Visiting their websites and reading the reviews of other authors will give you more courage to write your book. Visit this page to learn more.


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How Sudhir Choudhrie got a second chance to live

Living a healthy and fulfilling life is something many people take for granted. When sickness comes knocking, however, people start to realize that they had not appreciated the good health they had enjoyed for years. Sudhir Choudhrie is very grateful for being alive and successful in business. His story to getting good health and encouraging thousands of sick people can be traced to twenty years ago when the businessman underwent a very delicate surgery. This was not one of those surgeries he was used to. The last surgery done on Sudhir Choudhrie twenty years ago involved getting rid of his heart replacing from a donor. The difficult decision to remove Sudhir’s heart was made after doctors tried on many occasions to repair his leaking valve. The long journey to acquire the healthy heart had taken the businessman over fifty years. In numerous regions, heart surgeries turn out well when the patients are young children who have not developed well. Sudhir feared that he would not survive the surgery, but he did not have many options to live. The experienced and very talented medical professionals working at the Columbia University hospital in New York City provided the expertise required for the delicate surgery.

The emergency transplant brought a new meaning to the career and personal life of the billionaire. Sudhir Choudhrie got motivation to thrive and focus on helping the people who could not have the proper medical care because they lacked funds. After surviving an eleven hour surgery, Sudhir Choudhrie took his second chance to live as the opportunity to inspire millions of people. The businessman and philanthropist never jokes around with medical care philanthropy. The leader helps medical experts and health centers to provide essential services to the people suffering from organ failure. Through his giving, the businessman has helped many people to get better.

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 Sujit Choudhry On His Latest Book That Breaks Down Security Sector Reforms

Many countries worldwide are looking for ways to transform their militias, tribal forces, and dominant military into reliable, democratically controlled, and accountable security services. In that aspect, countries are looking at security sector reform as a massive milestone towards their democratic status.

Sujit Choudhry and his team wrote a book titled Security Sector Reform in Constitutional Transition to challenge the consensus that stipulates that SSR may not play a vital role in constitutional transitions and democratic rule.

They argue that the current agreement involves having the security sector out of politics and maintaining civil-military relations under a democratic footing. All the while making sure that a new or emerging civilian authority doesn’t take advantage and manipulate and abuse the security sector.

The agreement also stipulates that if there is a transfer of power from an authoritarian to a democratic authority, the military should engage to ensure effective constitutional transition but should remain in its barracks.

The military can only engage when required to cede control to the incoming civilian authorities but only with reasonable dispatch. They are not to retain their status afterward.

However, the book vividly shows how the co-relation between the SSR is much more complicated than it looks like in the agreement. It gives an illustration of stability and how it acts as a crucial element in constitution building.

It further describes how it works towards creating a thriving economic environment and providing a basis for healing and reconciling the country after several authoritarian experiences.

It also illustrates how the failure to maintain security can still hinder the transition to democracy by showing an example of the civil war in Yemen and Libya.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry has always been an advocate for change. Having taken on Omar Khadr’s case, a Canadian citizen held at Guantanamo Bay to the Supreme Court of Canada to seek justice.

He also served as a Governing Toronto Advisory Panel member and drafted a proposal that set the ball rolling toward restructuring the city’s government.

Sujit has also been a teacher at NYU. He taught Comparative Constitutional law and worked to build a center to deploy his students and colleagues to post-conflict nations dealing with constitutional issues. Connect: https://www.facebook.com/SujitChoudhryLaw/