Alejandro Betancourt Advocates for Quality and Creativity for Hawkers

Hawkers came into existence in 2013 after being formed by about four friends from the university. The four wanted to design exceptional sunglasses that they will sell through their online marketplace. After two years in the business, the company had grown to the international heights supplying products throughout Spain and other parts of the world. According to the analysis done by the end of 2016, the company’s value was at $60 million.

Besides, the business path of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is not always smooth, especially for the fast timers who have not acquired enough expertise in the industry. The company was only started with $300, which later changed to an international business brand. After a few years, the company was almost closing doors after mismanaging the funds produced by the business through the production and supply of sunglasses.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez saw the notice about the closure of the company, which attracted his attention. Since he had established a remarkable reputation in the business sector, he decided to help the company get back to its feet. He acquired funds from his company O’Hara Administration and chipped them into the company. He predicted a bright future for the company regardless of the fact that it had initially slipped from its business lane.

After a couple of months, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was appointed as the presided of the company taking charge of its operations. He used his exceptional business leadership skills to develop a good business lane for Hawkers and take it to the outside world to compete with other brands. Currently, the company competes with the oldest brands, such as Gucci, among others. This predicts a clear future for the company in the few days to come.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the president who holds about 50% of the assets in the business. High-quality products are one thing that has placed the company at the top and its fair product prices. Go Here for related Information.