Asot Michael and Politics at Antigua & Barbuda

Asot Michael is a son to one of the Antigua & Barmuda long-time politicians Patrick Michael. He diligently followed in his father’s footsteps as he is currently a serving member of parliament in his country. Asot Michael was born in 1969 to a large family known for its interest in political matters. He was brought up in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, with all his other family members. Asot Michael was quite unfortunate as when he was getting born, the man he is named after had passed on the previous year due to a heart attack. Asot grandfather got a heart attack after witnessing his property get torched by ruddy protestors in Redcliff against specific government directives around the year 1968. Asot wanted and wished he could spend some time with his grandfather and get to know him better.


Asot Michael recalls that his father, Patrick Michael, has been quite ablest with Antigua’s political happenings and is among the founding members of the Antigua and Barbuda labour party. Patrick was one of the highest supporters and contributors to the functions and services of the Antigua & Barbuda labor party. Asot Michael was pretty dedicated to ensuring the party founders’ vision does not vanish and lives on to see the light of the day. Despite the party getting registered when Antigua & Barbuda was undergoing some hard time politically, the party has lived to its vision and mission. Another generation of vibrant and politically conscious Patrick Michael generation has been replaced by the Asot brothers, Maurice, Mitchel, and Asot himself. 


These brothers have been engaging in the country’s social-political activities. Their contribution has had some beautiful impacts on the policies and shaping the lives of Antigua & Barbuda citizens. Asot Michael and his brothers have occupied several government positions in various capacities. They have also been involved in philanthropic missions centered around the country’s social and economic transformation as a whole. Asot Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Economics and Finance from Barry University. He is also an MBA holder from Miami University, where got listed on the Dean’s list. Asot Michael has created his portfolio for the less privileged society, with a mission to care and love.


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