ClassDojo: Parents Should Play a Vital Role in Encouraging Positive Behavior


Parents are usually known for correcting behavior. This is a traditional aspect that is usually brought about by the fact that most parents are always analyzing the behaviors that their kids will be portraying. This means that most of them will be checking whether such kids have made sure that they are doing what is expected. In case the kids do not do what is expected, there is a higher chance they will be corrected.

ClassDojo is aware that most of the parents are highly known for correcting behavior. That is why the organization has been encouraging them to do that as a way of reinforcing good behavior. It will go a long way in ensuring that most of the kids have the behavior that is not only acceptable at school but also in their homes. This is a welcome approach that a huge number of parents will be incorporating.

However, correcting the wrong behavior shown by most of the kids is not the only role that parents can play. They can also encourage positive behavior, as ClassDojo has been doing for very many years. This means that parents should not ignore when they see their kids demonstrating some positive behavior. Instead, they should be on the frontline, looking for all the possible ways through which they can easily encourage positive behavior among kids.

ClassDojo indicates that parents should let their kids know they are doing something positive. Small behaviors like finishing homework, being a kid to other kids, and going to bed early are some of the behaviors that should be highly encouraged. This is a very important aspect that will help in ensuring that the kids are happy and that most of the issues they have been trying to undertake in their daily lives with regards to positive behavior are appreciated and noted by their parents.

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