DSI Launches Cloud Inventory Software To Handle Field Inventory Management Effectively

Manufacturers as well as distributors across the world can now smile thanks to the release of cloud inventory software by Data Systems International. Unlike in the past when it would take manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers several days even months to track products, the cloud inventory software has made it easy and fast. Now, one can carry his or her field inventory management business within minutes without leaving the office. When used as needed, the robust software comes with scores of benefits.

According to DSI, one of the world’s leading software providers says its cloud inventory software is the answer to all of their clients’ Field Inventory Management problems. In fact, DSI wrote on their website the day of the release of the latest and perhaps the fasted version of cloud inventory product saying, “This new product will end the kind of slavery manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers have gone through for many years. Our tool gives you unprecedented power and ability to manage, monitor, and control all field inventory management projects from the comfort of your office.”

Data Systems International added that the software helps in the increment of productivity whether at the warehouse level or during distribution. Besides, the firm said its cloud inventory product ensures maximum revenue collection, optimization of various field inventory management projects and increased compliance. “The future of warehousing, manufacturing of various products, distribution and stock talking will be a touch on a button. Besides, nobody will be required to leave your chair while you want to carry out your field inventory management,” said DSI. Read this article for related information.

This latest version of the cloud inventory equipping managers with the excessive ability to monitor and track their assets, jobsite supplies, various tools needed in the game, and any other consignment materials that may be required in or outside the warehouse. In addition, Cloud Inventory ensures easy and faster configurations, robust and widespread standard applications, as well as insights dashboards that help mangers to monitor and supervise work.


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