Entrepreneur Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions Makes An Impact On Baltimore’s Economy 

The word entrepreneur gets used a lot these days. Entrepreneurs come in all sizes and flavors. People like to use the term entrepreneur to describe people with deep pockets who know how to be successful in the capitalistic business system. Kevin Seawright earned the title entrepreneur for helping first-time buyers in the Baltimore area get organized and focused. And for his ability to invest in real estate.

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United Kingdom entrepreneur  told an audience of want-a-be entrepreneurs life can be a thrilling adventure when you set people on a course that will increase economic stability for them and the community. The United Kingdom goes through similar real estate challenges. Kevin Seawright believes information that can affect how he works with clients can come from people like . And when positive information comes from clients, Seawright gets a taste of satisfaction and appreciation in one big gulp.

Not every entrepreneur listens to other successful business people like . But after years of experience investing and selling real estate, Kevin listens to everyone. Seawright listens and helps the non-profit community. He received a degree in non-profit business from the Notre Dame subsidiary, Mendoza College.

He also listened to Bianca and Montrell Thornton when they moved into the home RPS Solutions found on Dalton Road in Baltimore. Mr. Seawright told the press Bianca and Montrell symbolizes the heart of the RPS mission statement. RPS Solutions finds custom-created homes for seniors and people with special needs who do not have the resources to take advantage of the quality housing around Baltimore county.

RPS Solutions is the engine on the advocacy train for home buyers. And for groups who join the RPS mission to increase economic stability for Baltimore residents. Fulfilling the American dream of homeownership is a win for the city’s economy and a win for people who live the dream.

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