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How Securus Technologies Is Changing The Incarceration Environment

Securus released a list of comments that they had received from their customers last October. The comments were compiled from emails and letters that the company had received about their products. The comments detailed how the company’s products had been used in crime prevention and investigations. They were sent in by prison officials and law enforcement that had been tasked with making prison facilities safer for everyone.


The names of the facilities and any references to the locations of the facilities were redacted to uphold the privacy of the clients. Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus. Rick said that the company releases a new product or service on average weekly. This is because they believe that safety is an important part of society and they have made it their mission to help corrections officials to realize this ideal. He finished by stating that the company received thousands of messages from clients about how their products were helping to keep the corrections facilities safer.


One of the comments touched on how the company’s products had helped to improve public safety and to solve crimes in the past decade. The official said that he was pleased to see that Securus had shown a commitment to make the incarceration centers better. Many other comments were of the same nature and they encouraged Securus to continue with its goal of improving the lives of everyone affiliated with the correctional facilities.


One of the officials stated that the covert alert feature from Securus had helped them to take a suspect into custody. The official reached out to Securus in the middle of an investigation. He was able to receive assistance that led to the arrest of the suspect. Several other comments mentioned how the LBS Software had been used in the investigation and solving of many crimes.