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Leading the Startup Industry Forward Brings Forth Mike Baur’s Best Skill’s

Mike Baur began his career in the banking industry and remained for 20 years, which gained him a wealth of experience within investing. With a passion for success and a drive to be different than a traditional businessman, Mike founded the Swiss Start Up Factory. He now holds the role as Executive Chairman for the Switzerland based company.


Through innovative ideas and enthusiasm, Mike has created the leading startup accelerator program within Switzerland. The program prepares young entrepreneurs to branch out into the business world and become established within their perspective industry. Mike has a keen eye for business and for developing core talent. He has an energetic mindset along with a can-do attitude, which resonates within his team to elevate those who are chosen into the program.


The Swiss Start Up Factory program was designed exclusively by Mike and built in precise way that sets the foundation for success. Those within the program receive office space along with support staff to generate ideas and network with their team. There is coaching, mentoring and guidance for legal support within the program. And ultimately, entrepreneurs are paired with financial investors who are chosen for their perspective business enterprise. In 2016, Swiss Start Up Factory received 1,500 unsolicited applications for enrollment into the program.


Mike was previously on the board of a leading Swiss bank during his tenure within the banking industry. He is now the Deputy Managing Director for Swiss Start up Invest formally known as CTI Investments, which was changed after the Swiss General Assembly vote. In March 2016, it was announced that the close collaboration with the Swiss Start Up Factory would advance a greater Swiss Startup ecosystem.


Swiss Startup Invest has become a leading financing platform for non-traditional lending. The company was founded in 2003 and operates as a non-profit organization. Mike typically acts as a liaison for the Swiss Start Up Factory by championing the fund raising opportunities and facilitating the financial phases within the program.


Mike’s leadership skills are clearly a direct result of the company becoming as prosperous as it has since being founded in 2014. He has a great understanding of how to align people with their passion and build the skills needed to become successful. It is through Mike’s passion, innovative strategies, and the ability to see beyond traditional methods that continue to propel Swiss Start Up Factory in a forward direction.