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The Oxford Club Newsletters are Highly Rated in the Investing Industry

Rob McKinsey’s recent article on Ask Reporter titled “Investing and Trading Advice from The Oxford Club” discusses the various services the private network of investors offers to members.

One of the main services The Oxford Club provides is the revealing and informative newsletters. The flagship newsletter, The Oxford Communique, is written by Alexander Green. Mr. Green is a New York Times Bestselling author as well as the Chief Investment Strategist at The Oxford Club. This newsletter provides insight into trading, opportunities, and market trends. The financial insights are accompanied by monthly research reports and quarterly market updates. It has been highly rated throughout the investing industry as one of the best performing newsletters.

The Oxford Club also provides in-depth information for income portfolios. This newsletter is written by Marc Lichtenfeld, the Chief Income Strategist. By providing readers with analysis of dividend stocks and recommendations, readers will have the latest insights to create a winning portfolio. This newsletter also discusses bonds with the Bond Strategist, Steve McDonald.

For members looking for emerging trends in the market or information on macro markets, they should consider the Oxford Resource Explorer. This has a team of experts including the Emerging Trends Strategist, the Infrastructure Strategist and the Macro Strategist. They provide research and recommendations for investing in alternative energy, natural gas, oil and other resource commodities.

The Oxford Club also offers trading services like the True Value Alert. This team is led by Alexander Green and offers subscribers information on how to identify the stocks that are trading for less than what they are worth. They also have the Prime System Trader, a strategy developed by Matthew Carr, the Emerging Trends Strategist. This trading service provides information on stocks that are capable of gaining 300-600%.

There are three different membership opportunities. The first is the Premier Membership which is the introductory offer. These members are renewed annually.

The Oxford Club has been providing investing information for several decades. They seek to provide an easy-to use investment strategy that has proven itself as capable of beating the market without too much risk.

The Oxford Club has more than 157,000 members throughout the world. By providing the newsletters and trading services they are able to help their members often outperform the average market return.