What You Need to Know About Waiakea Water

Over time, the number of companies selling bottled water has increased significantly. If you walk down your local grocery store, you will notice quite many brands of bottled water. Over time, the bottled water industry has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. The world’s leading consumer of bottled water are Italians. A few decades ago, you would be laughed at for selling bottled water. In countries where people used kitchen water that was as clean or filtered as bottled water, there was no need to pay for something that you would get free from your home.


Companies in the bottled water industry are working tirelessly to make their bottled water as unique as possible. Some use taglines to set their brands apart from the rest. These companies will claim that their water is unique and infused with goodness that no one can resist. Others enhance their water with vitamins to make them stand out from the rest. A company may also use the distinct infiltration process to increase the awareness of its brand.  Visit This Page to learn more.


Waiakea is a bottled water company whose headquarters is based in Hawaii. The fact that the headquarters of Waiakea is based in Hawaii makes its bottled water stand out from the rest. Consumers often tend to think that food and drink products from Hawaii are natural and good for their health. The name Waiakea is derived from the Hawaiian language. Incorporating Hawaiian culture into its processes promote the good feeling that goes along with associating with Hawaiian brands. What makes Waiakea bottled water to set itself apart from the rest is its filtering process. Since its inception in 2012, Waiakea Water has made headway into the bottled water industry by incorporating creativity into its operations. Waiakea filters its water through the process that runs through porous volcanic rock and the Mauna Loa Volcano. That makes their water cooler than the rest. Waiakea sources its water from a single, pristine source on the Island of Hawaii in the town of Hilo. Waiakea water contains a unique pH and mineral composition. It is also rich in electrolytes such as calcium and potassium. (More affiliatedork.com/the-truth-behind-waiakea-water)


No water bottle company gives back as much as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water does. This stellar water bottle company partnered up with PumpAid to help poor rural communities in Africa get the clean drinking water they need.



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How Shiraz Boghani Won The Award

Recently, Shiraz Boghani won the award for the best and most influential hotel chairman. He is the chairman of the Splended hospitality company and that’s what he has worked on throughout his career. From hotels to hospitals and everything in between, Shiraz Boghani has given more opportunities to those who were in these situations than anyone else had given people in the past.

According to angel.co, Shiraz Boghani knew there would be opportunities for success if he was working toward a better future and he also knew there would be options for him to take home awards. Working toward a positive future gave Shiraz Boghani the motivation he needed to continue helping people with the issues they were facing. Shiraz Boghani also knew there would be many things he could do that would make a difference in his life and in the lives of others.

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For Shiraz Boghani to do all of these things, he had to be prepared to work toward a more stable career for those who were doing things similarly to him. He also knew there would be other options for people who were in different situations. By running a positive hospitality company, Shiraz Boghani was giving himself all the motivation he needed to be as successful as possible in his career being the leader of Sussex Healthcare.

Not only did Shiraz Boghani want to push forward and make things better for those who were in the hotels and hospitals but he also wanted to make sure everyone knew he was making a positive influence for those who were a part of the business. He had set an example for other people and that wasn’t going to stop him from continuing to be successful. He wanted the chance to show them what they would be able to do and how they could make an impact in the life they were living.

For Shiraz Boghani to do this, he had to make sure he was showing people the new options they would have when they were at the hotel or the hospital he had started. Shiraz Boghani knew there would be a lot of different things he could do to help people but he also knew he would need to always give his best advice to other people who were in the hotels or who were a part of the hospitals. There were several things that required Shiraz Boghani to make a difference and that led to him working toward a better future with the hospitality industry.

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Gregory James Aziz: National Steel Car’s Greatest CEO

Being founded in 1912, the National Steel Car had faced a number of challenges through the years. They experienced growth from the early 1920s, but after the catastrophic Great Depression, the company struggled to get out of the threat of bankruptcy. The company was purchased by Dofasco in the 1960s, but their growth remained stagnant. In the late 1980s, another crisis affected the whole rolling stock manufacturing industry, prompting Dofasco to put a sale tag on the National Steel Car. The company was later sold to Gregory James Aziz, who currently serves as the chairman, president and chief executive officer of the National Steel Car.


Gregory James Aziz is a businessman and entrepreneur from London, Ontario, and prior to becoming the owner of the National Steel Car, he used to work for different companies. He graduated from Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario, receiving his degree in economics. After graduating, Gregory J Aziz decided to help in their family business, which is a food manufacturing facility. He used the skills he learned at the university to help the business grow. With his knowledge and expertise, their family business managed to expand its operations, and they have become food importers of products coming from South America and Europe. The food products are being delivered to key Canadian cities, and they are also sending some of their products to the United States.


Gregory James Aziz decided to leave their family business and work in a different industry. His parents supported his plans, and he decided to work for a financial institution. He worked hard until he climbed the executive ladder, and he earned a lot of money during his term at the financial institution. He saved a lot of money to be used on a business that he is thinking about, but after he read the report that Dofasco is selling the National Steel Car, he changed his mind and thought about buying the company. Go Here for more information.


Gregory James Aziz signed the deal with Dofasco, and the ownership was transferred under his name. His first priority was to retain all of the employees, and encouraged them to work hard for the sake of the company. He also employed an additional 2,000 plus employees, raising the number of workers for the National Steel Car to 3,000. Under his leadership, the company managed to produce more than 12,500 rolling stocks annually, and they have been awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 and other recognition.

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Gregory Aziz Philanthropy & How He Leads His Multinational Railroad Manufacturing Company

Born in London on the 30th of April 1949. Greg James Aziz is known to the world as the president, chairman & CEO of the National Steel Car company, and through this company, he has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

National Steel Car is leading ist market for manufacturing freight cars and being the number one provider of these freight cars to their clients, especially the United States.


The company is already more than 100 years old, and it is one of the oldest and most experienced firms in their industry. Right now, National Steel Car has a net worth of billions of dollars, but that value increased drastically once Gregory James Aziz assumed the role of leader of the company. As the newest President and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car, the company is looking stronger than ever.


Gregory Aziz, despite being a successful businessman since he entered the business of his family, is also one of the most generous philanthropists, donating and funding various charities and fundraisers. His family is the sponsor of a big food drive for the local community through the National Steel Car’s annual Christmas party. He and his wife also generously sponsor the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair among other charities.


Since he acquired the National Steel Car company in 1994, Gregory James Aziz was able to lead the company to greater heights by improving its production capability from 3,500 cars annually to 12,000 in just five years. Because of this, the company was able to provide more jobs to people, with an employment growth of 600 to 3,000 workers. The company also leads the industry when it comes to innovations in railroad freight cars. With Greg at the helm of the company, the National Steel Car has been recognized as the best railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company in North America.


Before buying National Steel Car, he worked in the banking industry, but that was only after he left the business of his family, which was where he learned most of the most valuable lessons regarding leadership and business development. At Affiliated Foods, which was the company owned by his family, Gregory Aziz worked closely with the food shipping industry, and learned more about what made a business successful, a staff content and productive, and a firm grows, as well as what the competitors were doing wrong. See This Page to learn more.


The experience with Affiliated Foods allowed Greg Aziz to become the successful leader that is currently at the head of National Steel Car.

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Obsidian Energy Transforms the Canadian Petroleum Industry

Obsidian Energy Ltd, a middle-sized Canadian oil and natural gas manufacturing firm is located in Calgary, Alberta. It was among the sixty leading companies in Toronto Stock Exchange. Between 2005 to 2011, the Canadian Royal Trust attained top market capitalization of about US $9.5 billion. The economic instabilities caused by the drop in crude oil prices in 2014, affected Obsidian Energy Ltd causing restructuring. With its fields based in in Alberta the global most significant petroleum reserves, Obsidian Energy production happens in the Peace River Oil Sands, Alberta Viking and Pembina Cardium.


Transformation Process

The company was previously known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd and reformed to Obsidian Energy Ltd on 26th June 2017. Before its transformation, the firm experienced significant modifications which necessitated redefining of company missions and visions. The changes resulted in a stronger and more focused Obsidian Energy Ltd. Company logo will too be amended to match the new company name. These alterations must also happen on the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange The process should be accomplished within the next three to five business days.


The governance and management of Obsidian Energy Ltd, are happy to have successfully accomplished the transformation process successfully. Obsidian focuses to commence fresh operations based on three principles. Their aim is on technical and commercial discipline in decision making to develop and safeguard company values. They also focus on the persistent pursuit of development and invention and accountable and reasonable efforts with shareholders and stakeholders.


Market Positioning


Obsidian Energy Ltd has a competitive edge in the market. It is strategically positioned, equipped with sufficient assets, has enough cash flow and a perfect exit strategy. The firm president and CEO David French confirmed that Obsidian Energy Ltd is dictating its market performance. The Penn West Successor is now embracing expansion trajectory and gaining back its competitive advantage. Click Here for more information.


Projected Financial performance


According to operation reports obtained in 2017 November, Obsidian Energy Ltd is projected to produce 31,000 to 32,000 barrels by 2018. The financial forecast shows an expenditure of $ 14 per barrel and $ 2.50 for G&A by 2018. Expected netbacks by the end of 2018 should not less than $18.70.


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The Restructuring of Obsidian Energy Led to Growth

Previously, Obsidian Energy went under different names including Penn West Exploration Ltd. Penn West Petroleum and Penn West Energy Trust. It is an intermediate-sized company that is involved in the production of oil and natural gas. The company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. At one time, Obsidian Energy was among the S&P/TSX 60 sixty largest companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It was also a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY) in 2005-2011 and reached its highest market capitalization in 2008 with a net worth of about $9.5 billion.



In 2014, after the crude oil crunch, the company underwent a major restructuring. The company’s oil and gas fields are located in Alberta along the Western Canadian Basin. This region is one of the world’s largest oil reserves. The company makes use of three key locations in the region to produce gas. These locations include the Peace River oil sands, the Pembina Cardium, and the Alberta Viking. It has a total production equivalent of about 30,000 boe per day.



The company was renamed because it planned on pursuing a path of modest growth in the years to come by tightly tying the price of oil and gas on the spending budgets. These resolutions were voted by a majority of the shareholders who preferred Obsidian Energy to undergo rebranding. They chose the name Obsidian because it is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that can easily be sharpened and honed. The name was symbolic to the situation of the company at that moment in time.



In view of its stable asset base, Obsidian Energy was able to reduce its net debt and at the same time focusing on four key production areas. The restructuring of the company enabled it to have a strong grip on its financial management systems and employment of cost effective measures which brought it back to profitability. Currently, the company is enjoying a steady growth and has adapted stringent measures to improve its revenue base. It has well organized management structure that is capable of transforming the company into one of the leading oil and gas producing company of all times.


Visit: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/energy-and-resources/penn-west-shareholders-approve-name-change-to-obsidian-energy/article35463586/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com&