Madison Street Capital: A Company On The Rise

The reputation of financial services company Madison Street Capital is on the rise. The company, which focuses on serving middle market companies’ investment banking needs, has become known for its experience, expertise and integrity. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital prides itself on being able to provide its clients with a comprehensive understanding of corporate finance’s intricacies. The firm has become known for matching buyers with sellers, structuring complex contracts and designing effective exit strategies for its clients.


Madison Street Capital specializes in corporate governance, tax compliance, mergers and acquisitions, private placement advice and bankruptcy services. It has offices in Chicago, Oregon, India and Ghana and offers a global approach to issues related to corporate finance. Their executive team has the knowledge, analytical skills and deep relationships to get the best results from each transaction. Clients know they can depend on Madison Street whether they need help with business valuation, asset management, price allocation, financial reporting, wealth preservation or tax planning.


Its clients include software analytics company DCG Software Value, the Spitfire Group, HeartSync, Central Iowa Energy, Maintenance Systems Management, ARES Security Corporation, Fiber Science, WLR Automotive Group and Bond Medical Group. Madison Street Capital’s work has garnered high praise from all of them for their analysis and insight which had been crucial in their success. Madison Street Capital also won numerous honors at M&A Advisor Awards annual program in recognition of their great achievements in corporate restructuring, financing, boutique investment banking, strategic deal making, professional services and transactions.


Madison Street Capital’s reputation continues to grow because of their ability to quickly and smoothly close even the most complex deals and offer valuable information about the hedge fund landscape outlook. This has led to members of the Madison Street Capital staff regularly receiving honors and awards from highly-respected industry and trade organizations like the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts for innovation, contributions to the community and their commitment to their clients.


Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital has quickly grown to become one of the financial services industry’s top firms when it comes to working with middle market companies. They have experience helping companies take advantage of opportunities in a wide range of industries including healthcare, technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, defense, aerospace, transportation, minerals, mining, telecommunications, media, real estate development, food and agriculture, energy, consumer markets and manufacturing.


For over a decade companies have depended on the knowledgeable, experienced team at Madison Street Capital to provide them with the information, insight and guidance they need to attain their business goals. The international investment banking firm handles their clients’ business needs with the speed, time sensitivity and tenacity necessary for them to take advantages of lucrative global business opportunities.


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