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Joel Friant- Seeker of Success

Joel Friant is known as the “Thai Guy,” and he has a real love for the Habanero Pepper. He traveled to Jamaica and had even gotten to try the Scotch Bonnet, one of the hottest varieties of the Habanero family.

Joel has been in real estate, the restaurant business and has even scraped off gum off the sidewalk as job and he has learned a lot along the way. His true love has always been in the spice world and especially for the Habanero pepper.

Joel Friant created the Original Habanero Shaker because in dried form, it is not as hot. Many more people have tried the Habanero pepper thanks to his creation and they have become converted. His Habanero Shaker is being sold successfully inline and in big stores. He even took a course to sell his product on Amazon and on Ebay.

The Habanero pepper is great for the body and it helps to boost the immune system. It even helps to produce those feel-good endorphins that we all want.

Joel has learned that with a positive attitude and by associating with the right crowd, you can get places. He has tried to figure out why some people are successful and others are not and he has many theories on the subject. He is even willing to share them with anyone willing to listen to him.

Joel Friant has given many talks online and has published many publications. He is always brainstorming and writing his thought down to keep his mind clear. He also knows that the path to happiness is the quickest when you are kind and generous. He recently spent $100 at a church offering and he considers it to be the best money spent in awhile.

Joel has learned of the power of the mind and believes that the mind is what holds you back or can propel you to success. It is a very powerful motivator and can get your to accomplish much. Joel continues to live the life he loves and to share his passion for the Habanero pepper and the spice world.

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