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The Oxford Club Offers Its Tips For Successful Investing In 2018

The Oxford Club publishes information for readers meant to inform them about investing. They show members how to pursue strategies that will beat the market while also first achieving and then maintaining wealth. It is an international company based in Baltimore, Maryland that has more than 150,000 members.

Investment U is part of the Oxford Club. Its purpose is to educate investors. in the runup to investing in 2018 a writer for this organization, Alexander Green, offered some tips that would help readers achieve better returns. The first tip he offered, and one that most people don’t do, is to save a lot more. Considering that around half of adults in the United States have less than $25,000 saved for retirement they are likely not going to enjoy their Golden Years.

In order to educate readers the Oxford Club presents information in a number of formats. Beyond Investment U they also issue monthly newsletters. They hold financial seminars around the world as well. They also create overseas investment excursions that they invite their readers to join. It is led by Alexander Green who serves as the chief investment strategist.

The Investment U article also says that investors need to cut their costs. Actively managed funds charge far more than passively managed ones and they don’t perform as well. Research shows that over any 10-year period an actively managed fund has a 95% chance of not beating its benchmark.

The final bit of advice is to rebalance your portfolio at least once a year. Investors need to rebalance so that their stocks to bond ratio meets their risk tolerance. Since 2009 stocks have been on a tear compared to bonds. This means that if you haven’t rebalanced you are holding far too much in stocks and need to sell some and buy bonds with those earnings.

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