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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Condemned

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is known for doing whatever the hell he wanted to do in Maricopa County. Sometimes, whenever we hear about someone doing whatever they want, that person is spoken about in a positive way. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

After all, doing whatever you want is the epitome of of freedom and individualism, right? Well, in Sheriff Arpaio’s case, the fact that he did whatever the hell he wanted was not a good thing. He imposed his own discriminatory beliefs upon other people’s freedoms.

When talking about good ol’ fashioned racism, nativism and White supremacy, Sheriff Joe Arpaio fits the bill. Some people may think that people who hold Sheriff Arpaio’s beliefs are benign and no big deal. However, people like Sheriff Arpaio are remnants of a not-so-distant past where people with his beliefs had enough fervor to go out into the streets and beat up minorities.

Some people might say “Oh, well, maybe some of those minorities and immigrants did bad things to provoke those White Americans to act violently toward them.” Well, there were plenty of situations where White Americans would profile minorities and randomly beat them up or lynch them for unjust reasons. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

During his years as Sheriff, Arpaio did the kind of thing that bigoted White Americans, like himself, have done—racially profile minorities and bother them. As Sheriff, he conjured up a policy of stopping Latinos and detaining them until their immigration status was checked. This quickly turned into a Latino witch-hunt as it was assumed that any Latino was “probably” an illegal alien.

This is why Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey stepped in to expose these atrocities against mankind through a publication that they wrote for. The title of this publication was The Phoenix New Times.

The Pheonix New Times was not a major paper—is was more on the small, alternative end of things. For some reason, Sheriff Joe Arpaio felt threatened by the valiance that Jim and Michael showed in exposing his acts. As a result, the local government issued extremely intrusive subpoenas to the two men, and eventually arrested them in a peculiar, unexpected fashion.

Sheriff Arpaio did these things to Jim and Michael to intimidate them out of of saying any more in their publication. However, the experiences that Arpaio put them through led to them doing just the opposite. The more he screwed with them, the more they published stuff about his behavior.

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Making the Jump with Entrepreneur Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage is one of the few scientists that have found passion in both the pharmaceutical world and the business world. He has vast experience in strategic leadership, which played a key role in becoming a managing partner for 5AM Ventures in just under a year after joining the firm. Dr. Rocklage was also 2005’s Noble Prize winner on chemistry-related contributions to the pharmaceutical industry. He has since helped countless inventors to pass their work through FDA approvals and assisted authors publish more than 100 peer-reviewed science articles.


Besides being the head of research and development centers at Salutar and Catalytica, he has also served as a board’s chairperson and CEO. Dr. Rocklage was the chairperson for Cubist Pharmaceuticals and president of Salutar Nycomed. Other companies that he has held executive positions include Kinestral, Pulmatrix, Rennovia, Epirus and Cidara.


Unlike many established individuals, Dr. Rocklage’s day starts in different ways each day. For instance, there are days that he would be expected to chair board meetings, but on other days, he goes on to study new applications and keep up with trends in the pharmaceutical industry. There are days that he is free from all the busyness, and for some, he just has to touch base with business executives and work on investment portfolios for 5AM Ventures’ clients.


In his experience, Dr. Rocklage highlights that high returns come as a result of solid plans and good strategies. These are roadmaps that he considers critical in ensuring his investments are only made when the market is responsive. As such, it becomes easier for him to maximize on his portfolios. In addition, Dr. Rocklage is a fun of staying true to what he considers his strengths and weaknesses. His understanding of how businesses run is that an entrepreneur ought to maximize on what he is good at and not really deviate from the goal of the company.


Being quite the reader, he reiterates that most of his business failures are mostly related to his poor decisions on hiring. He says that despite being in leadership for quite some time, he often focused on performance reviews instead of the performance characteristics of the people he interviewed. As a result, there are a number of times that he failed getting his investment targets right and even lost some of the investments. Nonetheless, he has learned from this experience and urges new entrepreneurs to always weigh their risks carefully before making the jump.


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