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Getting To Know Betsy DeVos

Most Americans know Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education. She was narrowly confirmed by a Senate almost evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. Chosen by President Trump because of her success in education reform, some people saw her as a controversial choice. But Betsy DeVos has been a major political force in Michigan for years, now.


DeVos has long been an advocate for options in education. She has been a leader in the charter school movement for decades. This has made her unpopular with some politicians who strongly support public schools, and the union jobs they create. Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick, have always been of the opinion that the children must come first. If they suffer in bad public schools, the productivity of our whole nation will be affected for years.


Betsy DeVos is most known for her work in the education sphere, but that is by no means the only area where she is active. She is just as entrepreneurial as the rest of her family. Along with her husband, she founded the Windquest Group in 1989. This company seeks to find new ways to do things. The DeVoses were disruptors before “disrupt” was a buzzword. Their pet projects include companies that use waste to generate power. Windquest Group also stands behind Boxed Water is Better.


Education has been a cause close to Betsy DeVos’s heart for years, now. She and her husband saw first-hand how working-class families struggled to keep their children in Christian schools. They wanted to give them the best, and keep them safe. The public school system that Dick DeVos experienced as a youngster in Michigan had gone bad. It could no longer guarantee the safety of the community’s young people. Standardized test scores reflected poor achievement, too.


The DeVoses are wealthy, but they knew that even their fortunes could not close the gap. Also, the families they spoke to were too proud to accept charity. They couldn’t understand why their money, taken in the form of taxes, was being wasted on a system that didn’t work. Betsy and Dick DeVos had an advantage over these families. They had the money and connections to start getting political support behind a system that let parents choose. Learn more:


Since Betsy put her energy behind it, the charter school movement has taken off across the country. She is bringing that same passion to the federal Department of Education. With her connections, savvy and determination, this administration knows that she will really get things done.

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How UKV PLC Is Positively Changing Wine Making Market

     UKV PLC is not a wine making company that is ordinary by any means. They are a company that is taking innovative steps towards ensuring their products are being produced through quality steps of manufacturing, as opposed to steps that could be seen as being ineffective.

If you are not sure about what steps UKV PLC is taking currently to offer its customer base with quality products, then please feel free to contact a help desk assistant who may be able to provide you with guidance in pertinence to the products that it is offering. You may find that the answers and guidance that they provide you with are very helpful and can even have swaying effects of encouraging you to buy some of their products.

UKV PLC is a wine making company that is taking initiative in ensuring the fermentation processes that they have their products undergo are full and complete. Such processes consist of having the products’ fruits’ sugars convert into alcohol in the amounts that they had intended for it to have in its final stages. This is a critical aspect of the production process and is one that is unfortunately overlooked by many wine making manufacturers.

UKV PLC is a company that is placing more importance on its sanitation aspects than it ever has before. This is an important aspect of production that many wine makers are also overlooking, thus, often offering products to their customer bases that are not necessarily safe to consume. Be sure to invest in a product that is truly safe and healthy for you to consume, as you will not want to regret your decision of investing in a product that could have you in the emergency room due to it containing a dangerous form of bacteria. Today is a great day to make a decision of investing in a quality product, as opposed to one that you may quickly end up regretting.

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Design Like Richard Mishaan

When it comes to interior design, competition has been becoming something fierce. With thousands of new graduates in interior design every year, compounded with already experienced professionals, making a long-lasting career in interior design is just as much an artform as the designs themselves.

Even if your not in this industry professionally, check out this recently, published article providing tips on how to avoid common design pitfalls.


Well, how does it break down?


One of the most common denominators in failing your space miserably is simple. Thinking inside the box. You need to let creativity flow outside the normal range of thought to fully realize a space. Design is what can make a normal house look as if it belonged in magazines and on TV. It is an absolute certainty that pride must go into the space, carefully drawing a line between too much and too little, too big and too small.


If you need some inspiration, look no further than than to Richard Mishaan Designs. An architect, and interior designer, Richard graduated from NYU and has since specialized in creating luxury spaces in unique and inspiring ways. His portfolio really lends some insight on how you can take a simple space and with just a dash of creativity and a few clever ideas, turn it into a real sanctuary. Over time Richard Mishaan has proved his viability in this elusive industry, and his importance is ever more significant for those wishing to pursue interior design. You can see his Pinterest here, where his designs are unmistakably gorgeous.

Recently featured in the NY Post, Richard Mishaan has not only lead the way for putting culture into any design, but wants you to achieve the same at home. He has published several books dedicated to the subject, drawing from his experiences from around the world. Both of his books are excellent resources, so if you’re looking to design the interior of your recently purchased dream home or you’re a recent graduate in the field, his works are worth the read.