Glen Wakeman: Co-founder of the LaunchPad Holdings

LaunchPad Holdings is a Company that helps the entrepreneurs to promote and increase their business success. The team provides a clear plan for achieving their growth. Glen Wakeman is the Co-founder of the Company, and together with his team, they have established different offices across the world. LauchPad Holdings, founded in 2015 has raised millions in capital.


The team provides a roadmap for the Businesses. They have designed an easy guide that you can use to plan the business growth. The LaunchPad has designed a free assessment

Glen Wakeman attended the University of Scranton between 1977 and 1981 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. Soon after completing his undergraduate degree, Glen joined the GE Money. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Latin America for 20 years. Between 1991 and 1993, Glen Wakeman pursued his Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago.


Wakeman left the GE Money in 2006 to join the Doral Financial Corporation. He served as the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the Company. Glen Wakeman has also served as a member of the Board of Directors. Glen Wakeman served at Doral Corporation for eight years.


In May 2015, Glen became the Principal of the Nova four in Miami. After years of experience in the financial world, Wakeman co-founded the LaunchPad Holdings in partnership with the Rick Cano. The Company has experienced advisors and capital providers. The advisors will help you to design the business plan.


Glen Wakeman has revolutionized the entrepreneurial sector by providing opportunities and employment for over 17,000 people. Over the years, Glen has been responsible for establishing the start-ups. He has guided entrepreneurs in market entry and exceptional growth.


Glen is an investor and a start-up guru. He is also a writer, and he has published blogs to share his thoughts. Glen Wakeman publishes blog posts frequently about different topics including administration, management, fiscal matters, and strategy. Throughout his career, Wakeman has used the five key performance sectors that include human capital, governance, leadership, risk management, and execution.



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Madison Street Capital: Inspiring Global Change

Madison Street Capital is a private company offering services in equity, mergers and acquisitions, business assessment, consultancy, investment, tax scheduling and business enterprise capital to businesses around the globe. This firm helps organizations increase admittance to credit, make speculation decisions and steer complex transactions. It has earned its reputation through effectively assisting a variety of distinguished businesses in Chicago. The company has won awards and global recognition.



Vital care loan



It helped medical merchandise manufacturer, Vital Care, which operates from Illinois to pick a proper lender and obtain commercial credit. This company has produced medical supplies used globally. Madison Street Capital reputation is global



Investment projects consultancy



Madison Street Capital served as the consultant for ARES Security Corporations during its investment deal involving marginal recapitalization and subordinated liability. ARES’ software protects critical computer systems in nuclear power factories and state agencies.



It also provided investment guidance to WLR Automotive Group, which is a Maryland company that runs many car repairs, refurbishing, and clean-up centers.



Financing arrangements



Madison Street Capital was involved in arranging a financier of Maintenance Systems Management (MSM). Madison provided counsel to the investment banking firm. MSM has provided property owners in San Francisco with cleaning and building maintenance for over 20 years.



Technical merging advice



Madison Street Capital serves its clients with the best mergers and acquisitions consultative services. It has assisted the customers to be aware of their real worth. It also provides an explicit depiction of the company’s present situation and potential opportunities.



The teamwork approach


Madison Street Capital’s team boasts of outstanding skills and all-embracing interaction. The company is known as the world’s economic outlook services provider. It has vastly experienced staff who assists clients in understanding the market. They flamboyantly understand the need of having a careful analysis in all circumstances and the need for timely and appropriate recommendations. They assist the clients looking for mergers, those looking upon to building a strong financial base and those interested in capitalization. Their system of commerce control has made it an excellence hub.



Global wave of change


The company utilizes its countrywide network, partnerships, and the high communal engagement aptitude to develop lives and drum up communities. The focus of unified techniques has helped in identifying and resolving social issues, as well as making assessable changes. It has initiated programs globally intended to advance learning and support communities realize financial freedom.


Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, Provides Insight to Readers of the HuffPost.

The found of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has released two new articles on HuffPost recently. Reina has been involved with HuffPost for nearly over a year now having released his first article in August 2016. Reina appreciates the insight of the 200 million HuffPost readers.

Mr. Reina released the article “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” on April 24, 2017. He recently released a new article ” How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters”. Bob has made it his goal to tell the stories of individuals left out of the conversation. His articles focus on entrepreneurship, marketing and video technology trends, lifestyle, skillful selling, and self-development. Learn more:


Mr. Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, desires to inform and bring insight to readers of HuffPost and hopes to have an opportunity to share more articles in the future. To learn more about his articles access (


Bob Reina is not only an excellent businessman. He is a empathetic philanthropist as well. Bob Reina incorporates philanthropy both in and out of the Talk Fusion office. Bob has created a free charity account that is part of the Talk Fusion premium monthly. Once the account is activated associates can select a charity of choice. Learn more:


Outside of the workplace Bob is an active philanthropist. He has donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Mr. Reina has donated to orphanages in Indonesia. He also has had fundraisers for victims and survivors of the Nepal Earthquake in Japan. Bob Reina is exerting much effort to make the world a better place.



Talk Fusion is an unmatched global business opportunity that is focused around video marketing. It is currently active in over 140 countries. Despite its business success Talk Fusion is more than just a market company it is an outlet to better the lives of people. Talk Fusion wants to help people pursue dreams. Talk Fusion has received the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year and the Communications Solutions Product of the Year. To learn more about Talk Fusion access (


Leading the Startup Industry Forward Brings Forth Mike Baur’s Best Skill’s

Mike Baur began his career in the banking industry and remained for 20 years, which gained him a wealth of experience within investing. With a passion for success and a drive to be different than a traditional businessman, Mike founded the Swiss Start Up Factory. He now holds the role as Executive Chairman for the Switzerland based company.


Through innovative ideas and enthusiasm, Mike has created the leading startup accelerator program within Switzerland. The program prepares young entrepreneurs to branch out into the business world and become established within their perspective industry. Mike has a keen eye for business and for developing core talent. He has an energetic mindset along with a can-do attitude, which resonates within his team to elevate those who are chosen into the program.


The Swiss Start Up Factory program was designed exclusively by Mike and built in precise way that sets the foundation for success. Those within the program receive office space along with support staff to generate ideas and network with their team. There is coaching, mentoring and guidance for legal support within the program. And ultimately, entrepreneurs are paired with financial investors who are chosen for their perspective business enterprise. In 2016, Swiss Start Up Factory received 1,500 unsolicited applications for enrollment into the program.


Mike was previously on the board of a leading Swiss bank during his tenure within the banking industry. He is now the Deputy Managing Director for Swiss Start up Invest formally known as CTI Investments, which was changed after the Swiss General Assembly vote. In March 2016, it was announced that the close collaboration with the Swiss Start Up Factory would advance a greater Swiss Startup ecosystem.


Swiss Startup Invest has become a leading financing platform for non-traditional lending. The company was founded in 2003 and operates as a non-profit organization. Mike typically acts as a liaison for the Swiss Start Up Factory by championing the fund raising opportunities and facilitating the financial phases within the program.


Mike’s leadership skills are clearly a direct result of the company becoming as prosperous as it has since being founded in 2014. He has a great understanding of how to align people with their passion and build the skills needed to become successful. It is through Mike’s passion, innovative strategies, and the ability to see beyond traditional methods that continue to propel Swiss Start Up Factory in a forward direction.


OSI Group: America’s Top 100 Food Companies

OSI Group is one of America’s top 100 food companies. They are a privately owned company based in Aurora, Illinois, with 65 facilities world wide, and over 200,000 employees. They are constantly growing, innovating, and evolving. They service the retail and restaurant food industries, and have global buying power. The range of resources that they have, including many processing plants and packaging facilities, as well as their global connections make this company a leader in the food supply industry.

The products that they produce are sourced from the best suppliers in the business. OSI Groups is known for having high standards when it comes to buying from food vendors. OSI wants to provide the best product possible, so they require that the sources they use are of top quality. They challenge the vendors that they work with to rise to the OSI standards consistently. Since OSI has centers all over the globe, in 17 countries, their vendor resources are extensive.

OSI Industry houses meat processing plants use a variety of machinery that is able to create products unlike others on the market. OSI Group is known for their innovative ideas and products. When a retailer or restaurant signs on to work with OSI, they are working with a power house. OSI has the resources and the financial backing to make the client happy, whether that means creating an entirely knew processing method, or purchasing new equipment in order to meet the client’s needs.

OSI Group can process raw meats, or fully cooked meats. They can provide clients with fresh or frozen options. Their facilities are capable of grinding and forming meats into pre-ordered shapes and designs. There are many packaging options. Since they cater to retailers and restaurants alike, OSI Industries is capable of packaging foods in single portion packs for retail settings, or bulk packs, which restaurants prefer. OSI also offers vacuum packaging. Even if a packaging option is not available as of yet, the OSI staff works with clients towards innovative solutions to unique packaging needs. This lends to their positive reputation, and is one of the main reasons that they are one of America’s top 100 food companies.

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How UKV PLC Is Positively Changing Wine Making Market

     UKV PLC is not a wine making company that is ordinary by any means. They are a company that is taking innovative steps towards ensuring their products are being produced through quality steps of manufacturing, as opposed to steps that could be seen as being ineffective.

If you are not sure about what steps UKV PLC is taking currently to offer its customer base with quality products, then please feel free to contact a help desk assistant who may be able to provide you with guidance in pertinence to the products that it is offering. You may find that the answers and guidance that they provide you with are very helpful and can even have swaying effects of encouraging you to buy some of their products.

UKV PLC is a wine making company that is taking initiative in ensuring the fermentation processes that they have their products undergo are full and complete. Such processes consist of having the products’ fruits’ sugars convert into alcohol in the amounts that they had intended for it to have in its final stages. This is a critical aspect of the production process and is one that is unfortunately overlooked by many wine making manufacturers.

UKV PLC is a company that is placing more importance on its sanitation aspects than it ever has before. This is an important aspect of production that many wine makers are also overlooking, thus, often offering products to their customer bases that are not necessarily safe to consume. Be sure to invest in a product that is truly safe and healthy for you to consume, as you will not want to regret your decision of investing in a product that could have you in the emergency room due to it containing a dangerous form of bacteria. Today is a great day to make a decision of investing in a quality product, as opposed to one that you may quickly end up regretting.

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Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund Become Important Members Of The Human Rights Community

The rise in concern about the level of problems seen in the protection of human rights by people from across the world has led to the establishment of a number of foundations and human rights groups concerned with providing updates on human rights issues, and also affords people the opportunity to work in a way that pushes forward programs to protect human rights.

Groups like the Frontera Fund developed from a settlement provided to two journalists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who were robbed of their human rights for revealing legal proceedings taking place against controversial Arizona based Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were jailed for their reporting on grand jury cases that were being held over the actions of the Maricopa County Sheriff and called on the two journalists to provide evidence from their notes.

Taking the two reporters from their homes in the middle of the night and illegally detaining them led to a $3.75 million financial settlement with Lacey and Larkin that has now been used to protect the rights of those living along the Mexican-U.S. border who often face problems with protecting their human rights.

The Frontera Fund is just one of a growing number of human rights advocacy groups who are springing up around the world in a bid to make sure the rights of individuals across the planet are protected; South African based group, Youth for Human Rights has become a major force in bringing the next generation of human rights activists into the fold of the wider community.

Youth for Human Rights has developed a new way of bringing peace and unity to the world through educating as many different people of all ages about democracy and human rights as possible under the leadership of Dr. Mary Shuttleworth. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

Founded in 2001, the group was formed as a response to the memories Dr. Shuttleworth has of living under the rule of Apartheid in South Africa, a period that saw black South African’s robbed of almost all of their basic human rights.

The educator hopes the work of Youth for Human Rights will have a positive effect on the future of the world through her work in producing teaching materials, such as public service videos detailing abuses taking place in various nations across the planet. The aim of the Youth for Human Rights group is to ude their 30 one minute videos to teach a basic human right to viewers in a single minute with each video taking on subjects such as bullying and much more.

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Design Like Richard Mishaan

When it comes to interior design, competition has been becoming something fierce. With thousands of new graduates in interior design every year, compounded with already experienced professionals, making a long-lasting career in interior design is just as much an artform as the designs themselves.

Even if your not in this industry professionally, check out this recently, published article providing tips on how to avoid common design pitfalls.


Well, how does it break down?


One of the most common denominators in failing your space miserably is simple. Thinking inside the box. You need to let creativity flow outside the normal range of thought to fully realize a space. Design is what can make a normal house look as if it belonged in magazines and on TV. It is an absolute certainty that pride must go into the space, carefully drawing a line between too much and too little, too big and too small.


If you need some inspiration, look no further than than to Richard Mishaan Designs. An architect, and interior designer, Richard graduated from NYU and has since specialized in creating luxury spaces in unique and inspiring ways. His portfolio really lends some insight on how you can take a simple space and with just a dash of creativity and a few clever ideas, turn it into a real sanctuary. Over time Richard Mishaan has proved his viability in this elusive industry, and his importance is ever more significant for those wishing to pursue interior design. You can see his Pinterest here, where his designs are unmistakably gorgeous.

Recently featured in the NY Post, Richard Mishaan has not only lead the way for putting culture into any design, but wants you to achieve the same at home. He has published several books dedicated to the subject, drawing from his experiences from around the world. Both of his books are excellent resources, so if you’re looking to design the interior of your recently purchased dream home or you’re a recent graduate in the field, his works are worth the read.


How Securus Technologies Is Changing The Incarceration Environment

Securus released a list of comments that they had received from their customers last October. The comments were compiled from emails and letters that the company had received about their products. The comments detailed how the company’s products had been used in crime prevention and investigations. They were sent in by prison officials and law enforcement that had been tasked with making prison facilities safer for everyone.


The names of the facilities and any references to the locations of the facilities were redacted to uphold the privacy of the clients. Rick Smith is the CEO of Securus. Rick said that the company releases a new product or service on average weekly. This is because they believe that safety is an important part of society and they have made it their mission to help corrections officials to realize this ideal. He finished by stating that the company received thousands of messages from clients about how their products were helping to keep the corrections facilities safer.


One of the comments touched on how the company’s products had helped to improve public safety and to solve crimes in the past decade. The official said that he was pleased to see that Securus had shown a commitment to make the incarceration centers better. Many other comments were of the same nature and they encouraged Securus to continue with its goal of improving the lives of everyone affiliated with the correctional facilities.


One of the officials stated that the covert alert feature from Securus had helped them to take a suspect into custody. The official reached out to Securus in the middle of an investigation. He was able to receive assistance that led to the arrest of the suspect. Several other comments mentioned how the LBS Software had been used in the investigation and solving of many crimes.




Brian Torchin is Improving Healthcare Service Delivery Through Top Talent Placement

The healthcare industry is very competitive and demanding. For you to achieve success, it is imperative to have the right human capital in place. While the core business of most operators is the provision of medical care, there are also other support services that demand proper staffing.

Brian Torchin is a talent placement professional with a focus on the healthcare sector. He is the CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, HCRC Staffing, a role he has held since 2007.

HCRC Staffing is a top rated full-service recruitment and professional consulting company based in Philadelphia. The company has a presence in 50 states in the US and globally in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The firm works with healthcare providers such as hospitals, private practices, and emergency care centers to enable them to engage the best talent. The talent includes medical doctors, dentists, nurses, physical therapists, physician assistants, and chiropractors among others.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin has extensive experience as a licensed and practicing chiropractor. He holds a graduate degree from the University of Delaware. He also attended the New York Chiropractic College and later worked as a sports doctor.

This has empowered him to understand the intricate requirements of staffing a medical practice. Besides medical recruitment, he has been involved in professional consulting, background checks for potential talent, and training to make sure providers have the best possible soft capital to operate profitably.

Healthcare providers face dynamic challenges. They are under pressure to offer integrated medical services, provide affordable care and achieve patient satisfaction to remain competitive. A practice can enjoy quick talent placement essential for growth.

HCRC Staffing empowers practices to align their goals with the best possible human capital and focus on their core services. Additionally, they offer medical professionals worldwide job search and placement services enabling them to connect with top employers.

Brian Torchin is vocal about the importance of strategically targeted placement in the healthcare industry. He has authored dozens of articles posted on the firm’s blog and various social media channels.

His advocacy focuses on creating awareness, sharing knowledge and experiences on recruitment, staff retention, and compensation. Practices can discover how to attract top talent and improve service delivery.