Jake Medwell And Freight Waves Success

Jake Medwell is a prolific entrepreneur and a founding partner of Eight Partners LLC. Since 2015, the company operates as an investing firm in San Francisco, United States. The company operates in many diverse sectors, including technology development and the healthcare system. Jake is among the member of executives in the company and a board member of The Kairos Society. In 2015, he founded the kairos society, and in 2017 acted as an advisor to Rubicon global investments.

Jake Medwell graduated from Southern California university, where he graduated from USC Gould School of law in 2011. While in college, Jake made a significant move by inventing Sole Bicycle Co. (Acq.) and later became a building block of 8VC’s logistics. He has recently made an impressive success in fighting against COVID-19 by being a co-founder of operational marks incorporation with Drew Oetting to assist medical workers in accessing personal protective equipment.

Being a performance and goal-oriented entrepreneur, Jack has contributed to several companies’ formation and scaling up. Evidently, before leading 8VC’ logistics, he co-founded Humin (IAC), a consumer mobile software company, where he formed the engineering team that led to the company’s growth. On the other hand, Jack ventures into Copia and Frightwaves digital forecasting platform.

Freight waves

Since 2015, Jack Medwell has been investing in Freightwaves Company. Freight Waves Company provides digital fast and accurate digital fright intelligence. The company news website, FreightWaves.com, leads commentary and news providers, administering more than 2.5M visitors and over 30 000 to streamers. The site provides current time information and predictions that help logistics and supply chain logistics navigate the fight market. Currently, the company remains the world’s leading digital logistic and supply chain intelligence platform.

Connect Medwell at professional network: http://Linkedin.com/in/jakemedwell