Joey Feste – Entrepreneur and Financial Advisor

Joseph “Joey” A. Feste is the Senior Managing Partner of KM Capital Management, a private wealth management firm focused on providing financial management services to professional athletes and entertainers.

Feste graduated from The University of Texas in 1987 with his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Shortly thereafter, he began his career with Rotan Mosley, now Pain Webber, as a registered investment advisor representative, and eventually joined the investment banking company, Morgan Stanley. There, Feste worked with some athletes, but found there were many services he believed he could provide for his clients that the structure of Morgan Stanley did not allow for. Finally in 2004, Feste broke away from Morgan Stanley and launched KM Capital Management.

With KM Capital Management, Feste focused on the goals and requirements of their clients, rather than the more structured focus of Morgan Stanley. They provide personalized financial plans unique to everyone, individualized and tailor to meet specific goals. KM Capital Management offers professional advice, counsel, legal services and estate planning dedicated to keeping their client’s financial lives in order. Currently they are headquartered in Austin Texas, but have offices in San Antonia and Atlanta, Georgia.

With over 30-years of experience, it’s no wonder Joey Feste has made HM Capital Management one of the leading private wealth management firms in the United States.

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