Tim Murawski´s Life-changing Medical Products

If it weren’t for healthcare expert Tim Murawski, it could be possible that the xvision Spine System would’ve never existed or the product would have been something entirely different. The Xvision Spine System is a special AR navigation system that doctors can use during surgery. Tim Murawski explains that it helps them get a clear vision of what their patient’s spinal anatomy looks like before they have to actually make the procedures. 


According to Tim Murawski,this cut edge technology helps make the session a lot easier and less risky for both patients and doctors alike. The healthcare expert is the president and the CCO of the company of this life-changing product and his influences have done wonders for the medical field. Xvision isn’t the only thing that Tim Murawski has worked on, Tim has also ventured in the biomedical and business fields, leading both markets by storm. 


The first company he had worked for was General Surgical Innovations, where he had jumped from territory manager to sales manager in only two years. He was also a part of Mazor Robotics, where he had yet again bounced in roles, going from being a regional sales manager to a vice president in just 18 months. Tim Murawski had helped Mazor grow greatly before it had been claimed by Medtronic for $1.6 billion in 2018.

Tim Murawski has also been a help to the medical field in other ways, outside of general marketing. He had also helped sell life-saving products such as needleless IV products, a product vital with taming AIDS and HIV symptoms in patients. The businessman and healthcare expert Tim Murawski had also helped make medical robotics grow in the early 2000’s when he was a part of Intuitive Surgical.