Haroldo Jacobovicz is the founder of E-Governe Group and Horizons Datacenter

Born in Brazil, Haroldo Jacobovicz is a professional civil engineer, investor, and entrepreneur from Curitiba. This self-driven man invested in discipline, respect, order, and team spirit to successfully begin and thrive in his Civil engineering studies at the Federal University of Parana In early 1979. It was in July 1983 when he managed to graduate and decided to venture into the business world. According to Yahoo Finance, Haroldo Jacobovicz institute promises to give back to society by supporting up to 20 institutions in Curitiba and Region. From his donations, 250 thousand reis will go to institutions, daycares centers, animal protection organizations, and childhood and adult cancer prevention, among others.

Thanks to Ideamensch, we know now that he is also the founder of Horizons Telecom. Besides, this ambitious man also founded the E-Governe Group and Horizons Datacenter. The importance of these companies is to unify the best strategic resources, technical expertise, and human talent. The best part is how it involves both private and public life. According to the medium, the pandemic has been severe to many nations worldwide. However, Brazil has managed to reopen the small business. The country managed to do this in the first half of 2021—all gratitude to the Civil engineer who came through by helping up to 20 institutions in Curitiba and the region and more

Among the flourishing businesses by this amazing man, Horizons is of the highlights. This firm has grown and managed to expand its market perspectives to join Aberje. Horizon managed this by investing in bringing agility and cost reduction to most companies. Despite being a successful man in his businesses and career, he's also an entrepreneur and a social person. You can find him on his social media handle, Facebook, as Haroldo Jacobovicz. If you want to explore more about this hilarious guy, find him on Crunchbase for all his related links.

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The Different Insurance Approach by Heath Ritenour Leads to IOA’s Success

Heath Ritenour’s leadership in the Insurance Office of America was unplanned. Loving the sports lifestyle, the only reason he joined IOA was that it was his father’s legacy, having led the company for over 30 years.

Professional Start

Heath Ritenour admired his father’s hard work, placing both his agents and customers first. Inspired by his pure intentions, he watched as the agents pushed to sell accounts and help the customers. Besides, he was impressed by their work ethic, thus deciding to start as an intern for IOA while still in college. He focused more on long-term satisfaction even with hundreds of cold calls a day.


Heath Ritenour felt pretending to be an outstanding agent was getting him no sales. Starting by becoming honest about his older clients, he announced he was inexperienced, loosening the hard stance on the client’s part. It started getting him more clients and more leeway on his upward trajectory in his professional career. Raising fast in the company, he proudly worked in various positions for 12 years before reaching leadership positions.

Professional Impact

Heath Ritenour, geared to take the reins from his father but felt inadequate as he was not traditionally trained to take leadership. Recognizing that the goal was to compete with itself, Heath realized that the nine agents the company had when he was an agent grew to over 500 agents. With the responsibility hanging over his head, he decided to step into the shoes, protecting the agent’s first culture of the growing corporate.

CEO Position

In 2008, Heath Ritenour stepped into the role of CEO of the insurance office of America. Despite the challenging economic times, he was able to grow the company’s company by $6 million by the end of 2009.

Starting as an intern, the road to leadership has had numerous hurdles and blocks, including lousy health after a cancer diagnosis. Never losing sight of the company’s vision and mission, he drives the company to success despite all odds.

Eric Lefkofsky´s Tempus: Super-Insights on the Future of Medicine

The future of medicine is fast approaching. With the introduction of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has made it his goal to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for all people by providing personalized care that fits each individual’s needs. This blog post will focus on what Tempus offers, how it could change the medical field, and why you should be excited about its release!


Here’s What Tempus is Focusing on?

Tempus is a new venture co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky that focuses on the future of medicine. Tempus will provide personalized care that offers affordable and accessible healthcare, using cutting-edge technology to monitor patient’s health in real-time.


Why is this Important?

By providing tailored services for each individual, Tempus could potentially reduce costs (from expensive insurance premiums) and improve medical outcomes – resulting in a better quality of life! By making it easier for patients to focus more attention on their wellness rather than dealing with bureaucracy or unnecessary waiting times at clinics/hospitals, they can bring about higher satisfaction rates which can directly impact how much people value these services. The ultimate goal, Eric Lefkofsky states, being: improved quality of life for all!


What to Expect from Tempus?

Tempus is a part of successful businessman and entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky´s larger umbrella company, the “Echo-Factory.” The Echo-Factory focuses on improving everyday products through technology and data, emphasizing building things that solve problems. While still in its early stages, it looks as though Tempus will be focusing its attention primarily on patients who suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease. By providing constant access to medical advice and care, Eric Lefkofsky points out, they can monitor these issues more closely, resulting in improved outcomes for those using the service. They will also have access to a cloud-based reporting and analytics platform, allowing clinicians and specialized physicians in the healthcare industry to share their medical findings and experiences. 


Keep on reading about Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus medical research firm https://www.classicchicagomagazine.com/look-who-came-to-the-steppenwolf-gala/board-chair-eric-lefkofsky-ensemble-member-celeste-m-cooper-ensemble-member-and-gala-co-chair-audrey-francis-and-liz-lefkofsky/

Krishen Iyer´s Career Preview

Krishen Sauble Iyer is the founder, and the owner of a leading consulting firm, MAIS Consulting firm, located at Encinitas. The California-born entrepreneur attended Bullard H. School and later joined S. Diego State University for his Degree in Administration. While still studying there, he became a successful member of the Beta Pi Fraternity. Immediately after his University studies, Krishen Iyer started working at an insurance firm. He worked at insurance sales and insurance-related products and services. The knowledge of marketing he gained at the insurance company laid a foundation for him to establish his company. 


The first insurance company he founded was MNP. Under his leadership prowess, the company experienced phenomenal growth, which made it included in the list of 5000 Inc. in 2015. Shortly after founding MNP, Krishen Iyer founded MBS, Managed Benefit Services, and became its CEO. This company, Managed Benefit Services, focuses on helping its customers in leads generation to their businesses. Being a licensed and certified insurance agency and marketing company, MBS utilizes its quality analytical process to help its clients generate leads to increase sales in their businesses. Although Krishen Iyer sold the company, it is still doing well under the new management, specializing primarily in health insurance.


Today, the successful businessman Krishen Iyer serves as the CEO and the Founder of MAIS Consulting firm, a consulting firm helping upcoming companies with contracting, company policies, marketing, and strategic growth. One thing contributing to Krishen Iyer success is his passion for seeking new ways of improving his business. This involves the issue of interacting with his clients through the best customer services possible. He ensures that he gets to understand his client’s needs and find solutions to their needs. While not at work, Krishen Iyer spends ample time with his family. He plays chess, tennis, and he likes soccer. Additionally, he is a philanthropist, supporting his community. Krishen Iyer is also an active supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Follow up on Krishen Iyer´s profile at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/525724956505709603/

 SeaWorld San Diego to Organize a Spooky Adult Halloween Nighttime Festive

SeaWorld announces new events every year to make it a memorable experience for kids and adults alike, but some of the events in October may not be appropriate for children. They announced that starting this September; they will be hosting a series of spooky nighttime events, which include roaming zombies, a twisted doctor, and a wild clown. They’ll also be hosting a fright and chills show called “Howl-O-Scream”; the show features haunted houses, scary live shows, and roller coaster rides in the dark. These events are only suitable for adults.

This event is coming up after a long period of being indoors due to the pandemic movement and gathering restrictions. “We thought of spicing it up to a little bit to bring people together and create job opportunities as well,” said John Dunlap, SeaWorld San Diego’s Park president speaking to the Union-Tribune. The first quarter of 2021 has been good with the company reporting a 12% increase in sales from 2020 and a 22% increase in the last few months of 2019. Howl-O-scream is a clever scheme to keep both the revenue numbers high while keeping SeaWorld’s visitors entertained.

Showing a glimpse of what the show will entail, SeaWorld San Diego’s Park vice president urged parents to keep children at home no matter how much they love horror. “The event is only targeting a matured audience.” He added. SeaWorld is hosting the event in their San Diego Park for the first time this October, but it’s been there in San Antonio for almost two decades. Tickets for the event are already out and going for as low as $39.99 with discounts and coupons available. The event will run throughout the weekend. It’s a big event hence the need for more workers _ SeaWorld is looking to hire over 1000 workers to help with the occasion.

Check out: https://www.seaworldparks.co.uk/

How Did Jason Hope Become So Successful?

Entrepreneur Jason Hope has been changing the way people address entrepreneurship as a whole. He has made his way into building his own empire every step of the way, scratching, clawing, and working harder than everyone else to make things happen. Successful activist and investor Jason Hope is a self-made success. What are the steps that he took that anyone can emulate to achieve this level of success? 

Jason Hope

Fortunately, Jason Hope is glad to share with younger entrepreneurs behind him. Born and raised in Tempe, it seemed for Jason Hoe that the State University was the natural choice for attending college, at least for his undergraduate work. He proudly earned his M.B.A. through the W.P. Carey School of Business. This reputable school was a big asset to his resume. Focusing his time and attention on learning the ins and outs of finance and business are all he needed to move his career to the top. Jason Hope has no doubt stated that his career is well-rounded since he has had his hand in various areas of business. 

One of his greatest passions initially started with battling anti-aging at its source, then turning to focus on the IoT (Internet of Things). The growing ways that we can leverage technology for nearly any endeavor has changed the way we live and work in all aspects of our lives. Now that he has a grasp on more entrepreneurial ventures and he has time allocated to helping others and finding ways of giving back. It’s without question that Jason Hope is well on his way to aiding in creating more jobs as well as finding more ways to help others. The Arizona Science Center has also kept its ears open to see what more it can accomplish with the help of Jason Hope.

Solar Power for All: How PosiGen Helps Communities Grow

One of the best reasons to have a company is to improve communities. Indeed, PosiGen commits to create a positive impact for the disadvantaged by providing solar power that’s affordable and accessible. Here are a few ways the company makes progress (Vcnewsdaily).


Affordability for Families


Of course, solar is becoming increasingly desirable among people across the world since it’s a green, clean source. Consequently, communities of color and low-to-moderate incomes don’t always have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of solar. On the bright side, PosiGen makes solar power more accessible by offering a solar leasing program. This makes it easier for families to save money and make smarter investments


Job Opportunities Abound


For one, PosiGen supports diversity. The company employs plenty of people of color and women. Further, it’s important for them to work directly with communities to make a difference. Most importantly, PosiGen values everyone and wants to spread this positivity throughout communities. 


A Positive Environmental Impact

As PosiGen makes solar more accessible, people will want to invest in it often. This means the environment will be cleaner and customers will live better lives. For instance, communities can live in safer and healthier homes because of the solar power company´s energy efficiency plan. Since earning a living isn’t always easy, PosiGen strives to help needy communities. No one should ignore people who need help. Not only this, but the company aims for energy efficiency and an optimistic outlook. As a company with a purpose, PosiGen will likely go far in its endeavors.

Alejandro Betancourt Advocates for Quality and Creativity for Hawkers

Hawkers came into existence in 2013 after being formed by about four friends from the university. The four wanted to design exceptional sunglasses that they will sell through their online marketplace. After two years in the business, the company had grown to the international heights supplying products throughout Spain and other parts of the world. According to the analysis done by the end of 2016, the company’s value was at $60 million.

Besides, the business path of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is not always smooth, especially for the fast timers who have not acquired enough expertise in the industry. The company was only started with $300, which later changed to an international business brand. After a few years, the company was almost closing doors after mismanaging the funds produced by the business through the production and supply of sunglasses.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez saw the notice about the closure of the company, which attracted his attention. Since he had established a remarkable reputation in the business sector, he decided to help the company get back to its feet. He acquired funds from his company O’Hara Administration and chipped them into the company. He predicted a bright future for the company regardless of the fact that it had initially slipped from its business lane.

After a couple of months, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was appointed as the presided of the company taking charge of its operations. He used his exceptional business leadership skills to develop a good business lane for Hawkers and take it to the outside world to compete with other brands. Currently, the company competes with the oldest brands, such as Gucci, among others. This predicts a clear future for the company in the few days to come.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the president who holds about 50% of the assets in the business. High-quality products are one thing that has placed the company at the top and its fair product prices. Go Here for related Information.

Joey Feste – Entrepreneur and Financial Advisor

Joseph “Joey” A. Feste is the Senior Managing Partner of KM Capital Management, a private wealth management firm focused on providing financial management services to professional athletes and entertainers.

Feste graduated from The University of Texas in 1987 with his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Shortly thereafter, he began his career with Rotan Mosley, now Pain Webber, as a registered investment advisor representative, and eventually joined the investment banking company, Morgan Stanley. There, Feste worked with some athletes, but found there were many services he believed he could provide for his clients that the structure of Morgan Stanley did not allow for. Finally in 2004, Feste broke away from Morgan Stanley and launched KM Capital Management.

With KM Capital Management, Feste focused on the goals and requirements of their clients, rather than the more structured focus of Morgan Stanley. They provide personalized financial plans unique to everyone, individualized and tailor to meet specific goals. KM Capital Management offers professional advice, counsel, legal services and estate planning dedicated to keeping their client’s financial lives in order. Currently they are headquartered in Austin Texas, but have offices in San Antonia and Atlanta, Georgia.

With over 30-years of experience, it’s no wonder Joey Feste has made HM Capital Management one of the leading private wealth management firms in the United States.

Connect Joey at professional network: http://Linkedin.com/in/joey-feste-2708aa6

Sudhir Choudhrie’s legacy will never be forgotten

Sudhir’s story continues to be a source of hope to the hopeless and inspiration to many lives. A man that never allowed his heart problems to limit him from reaching his potential became the reflection of success by not giving up. At 70, twenty-one years since Sudhir Choudhrie’s heart transplant earned him the world’s longest surviving heart recipient patient.

In the article, The Gift of Life Provides Sudhir Choudhrie with a New Passion, by Davie Stopher. Sudhir Choudhrie advises people of the importance of taking care of their health and being agents of change by accepting a positive attitude. His surgery made a remarkable change in his life and drove him to become a source of positive inspiration by touching people’s lives. The reputable philanthropist wanted to motivate people to donate, and this led him, together with his family, to come up with a charitable organization (CFF). CCF was established in 2010 to improve education, health, and medical care globally.

Sudhir Choudhrie has devoted himself to charitable activities, and the magnitude of these was the Green Templeton College and Oxford University, where the latter’s library bears the family name. Sudhir’s involvement in medical faculty as a philanthropist accompanied by several charitable duties has been of great significance in America, United Kingdom, and India. Social amenities, education, and health care improvement were his primary concern, and he prioritized them.

In addition, his commitments to serve lives didn’t last there. He established a cardiology medical center in 2009 at the medical center of Columbia University in appreciation of the health care he received while there during his heart transplant surgery. The reputable businessman became committed to the transplant community and funded social amenity projects; health, medical, and education worldwide. Through his projects, many lives have been saved, and also the living standard of people has dramatically improved.

The entrepreneur’s devotion to improving people’s lives earned him the Asian Business Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. He shall live a legacy among the transplant community for his tremendous effort to support people with heart problems and the world at large.