Don Manifold Boss Magazine Aims To Be Inclusive

Don manifold boss magazine is a bimonthly publication published by an MBA student. The magazine focuses on topics and concepts in business that aspiring leaders will find helpful and affirming. With its monthly theme, it’s easy to keep up with what’s happening in business today.

Don manifold boss magazine aims to be inclusive for all members of society by providing insights into ideas that are often polarizing within our current environment. This magazine is dedicated to building leaders and expanding people’s knowledge base on various topics, from technology and culture to personal finance.


Don manifold boss magazine started in 2013 when founder, Shemuel Moren, had the idea to publish a magazine dedicated to all topics relating to business and entrepreneurship. Moren was studying at Montclair State University when he noticed that there were very few publications that focused on the future of business and economic growth. He knew that many up-and-coming leaders were looking for more information about how their businesses could grow in today’s competitive environment. Refer to this article to learn more.

The first Digital edition was released in 2013 through PDF circulation. It is how manifold boss magazine got its name. The first issue of the digital magazine focused on Leadership in Business. The bi-monthly print magazine focuses on monthly themes related to business and economic growth, innovative ideas, and ideas that promote diversity and inclusion within society.

In Adelaide, South Australia, Don manifold boss magazine is run by student volunteers doing work that is of significance to their future. This magazine is not just a way to house an idea but also a way to practice creative writing and publishing skills. With its monthly themes, it’s easy to keep up to date with ideas that relate to business and entrepreneurship in Adelaide.

Many people have ideas but not the drive or knowledge to see them through. This magazine is designed for individuals looking for guidance and inspiration on essential topics relating to future endeavors. Each edition is dedicated to a theme centered around a specific topic.