Haiti´s Democracy Representation by Georgette Mulheir

Defend Haiti’s Democracy is an action group set up to bring attention to the civil crisis ensured in the past chain of events. It comprises human rights defenders working collaboratively to restore peace and harmony to the nation’s people. At the moment, the people of Haiti are dealing with rampant organized crime, and according to Defend Haiti’s Democracy’s plea for assistance, children and government opposition are the main targets of the violence (Voice-online).


It seems that ever since the earthquake in 2010, the nation of Haiti has been on a downward spiral both economically and politically. Basic infrastructures are still lacking, and local gangs terrorize the agricultural regions, Georgette Mulheir points out. Part of why crime is on the rise has been linked to criminal elements sanctioned by law enforcement officials loyal to the sitting president. When the parliamentary elections scheduled for 2019 stalled, the president took advantage of installing his loyalists into power. As a result, organized gangs have become common practice to attack and kidnap activists who speak out against the apparent lawlessness. In light of the humanitarian crisis, Defend Haiti’s Democracy organization has taken it upon themselves to bring international attention to their concerns about Haiti’s future. 

The ultimate goal is to develop solutions that can systematically address and remedy the political crisis and the grievous crimes against humanity. The democracy and legal system are to be reinstated to the wohle Haitian society peacefully, and so the people at Defend Haiti’s Democracy have been collaborating with various professionals to discuss the best approaches to end the violence. Georgette Mulheir is one of the many representatives for Defend Haiti’s Democracy; she actively represents the Haitian crisis in the European nations and is a long-time professional in national child care systems. Over the years, Georgette Mulheir has introduced and trained thousands of care system personnel and established emergency child care programs in several countries.