How Edgard Corona is driving the Fitness Industry With innovations in equipment and training

Edgard is a strong advocate of healthy eating and regular exercise. He believes that people should take care of their physical and mental health, and he actively works to promote healthy lifestyles. He has been quoted as saying that “fitness has become more important than ever” and that people should be active for a long time.

Edgard Corona has also invested in several other health and wellness startups. In October 2017, he invested in Nutiva, an online organic foods retailer, and produced. In April 2018, he co-founded a digital health company known as Healio, which provides online consultation and treatment for various health issues.

Edgard Corona started his journey in 1996 when he began working at his father’s sugar mill in Cartagena, Colombia. He eventually came to run the business. He then shifted to Colombia, where he did further studies in Chemical Engineering. He worked for a sugar company for about ten years but ultimately shifted gears and started his own business. In 2003 Edgard began writing for Colombian newspapers.

Corona was raised in Cartagena, Colombia, the country’s second-largest city. He was introduced to the gym at a very young age, thanks to his family’s love for sugar cane farming. He credits his love for fitness to his early exposure to the outdoors, which prepared him for life as an engineer.

Edgard Corona returned to Colombia to work for the Corona family’s sugar mills. Corona credits his stay at Berkeley for his interest in science and engineering. Edgard started his career in the sugar industry. To improve his health and fitness level, Edgard founded Bio Ritmo in 1996, a physical activity company.

The company started with a small facility in Puerto Rico and now has over 480 clubs locally and a presence in over 40 other countries. In 2009, Edgard founded Smart Fit to create a healthy community where people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this, Smart Fit works closely with health insurance providers to ensure that members are covered for all of their recommended fitness activities.