Insight of the Former Chief Economist of SEC and Online Trading Academy on Retail Education

Education is used severally in the financial industry. It is of great importance to investors and retail traders. The Online Trading Academy recognizes that education is not all equal; hence they decided to seek the opinion of Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, a financial expert. He was the former Chief Economist of the Securities and Exchange Commission and currently works at the American University.

Online Trading Academy has been there for more than 24 years. It has consistently grown since it started with over 40 education centers globally. It’s perfect for those who want to grow proficiency, build skills, have more confidence for investing and trading in the financial markets. It’s the leader in financial education. Strategies used to teach at OTA are to assist investors and traders in making smart moves aligning with their long-term and short-term goals. Proficient instructors teach students with vast online education resources and CliK. Online Trading Academy has served close to 100,000 students satisfied with it.

According to Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, OTA’s educational methods are similar to the college-level venture and subordinates courses of both alumni and undergrad levels. He is excited at how financial technology is enabling and improving learning and risk management. CliK helps students learn and uses technology to support the disciplined method of trading and risk management that Online Trading Academy teaches in its program. Dr. Harris further stated that CliK is essential to people who want to gain confidence with investing and trading.

Dr. Harris is enthusiastic about financial education as a life skill and is committed to finding ways to expand financial education to more people. He has reviewed Online Trading Academy’s course materials, CliK, and attended virtual classes. According to Dr. Harris, some education is theoretical, and some is informational.

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