Kristin Ihle Helledy – High Profile Female CEO and How She Built a successful Business

Ihle Helledy is the CEO of HireKind, a social recruiting company that helps tech, finance, and other high-tech professionals find jobs faster. She has been described as a digital entrepreneur who “mows down the competition.” The New York Times calls her a “relentless” competitor. Ms. Ince’s business focuses on helping other job seekers find jobs faster.

Kristin Early Career

Kristin Ihle Helledy was born in 1984, and she is the eldest of three sisters. She started her career as a marketing manager for a software company. She then became the CEO of her own company, HireKind, in 2007. At HireKind, she focuses on helping other job seekers find jobs faster. Her company has been described as “relentless” in its competition to find the best talent. In addition to her work at HireKind, Ms. Ince has a marketing and business administration background. She started by working as a marketing specialist at a software company before becoming the CEO of her own company.

Kristin Ihle Helledy’s Business School Education

Kristin Ihle Helledy was educated at the Wharton School of Business, where she was a business major. After completing her MBA, Ince started her own business, HireKind, in 2007. The company is now worth over $2 million, and it has helped over 150,000 people find jobs faster. Ince has been quoted as saying that her success comes down to four things:

Her focus is on helping other job seekers find jobs faster.

Her determination to constantly improve her business.

Her understanding of the digital world.

Her experience as a CEO.

Kristin Years at Google

In 2007, she joined Google as an assistant general counsel for search engine optimization. She was promoted to vice president for global search marketing in 2009 and then to head global search marketing in 2013. In this position, she led Google’s efforts to improve the ranking of its website on search engine results pages (SERPs). In 2015, she became CEO of HireKind. As CEO of HireKind, Ms. Ince has helped increase the hiring pace at tech companies by 25 percent and has helped increase the hiring rate at other high-tech companies by 50 percent.


After leaving Google, Kristen Ince started her own business. Her business, HireKind, has increased, and she’s now a high-profile female CEO. She talks about her experiences, advice, and tips for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

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