Entrepreneur Kevin Seawright’s RPS Solutions Makes An Impact On Baltimore’s Economy 

The word entrepreneur gets used a lot these days. Entrepreneurs come in all sizes and flavors. People like to use the term entrepreneur to describe people with deep pockets who know how to be successful in the capitalistic business system. Kevin Seawright earned the title entrepreneur for helping first-time buyers in the Baltimore area get organized and focused. And for his ability to invest in real estate.

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United Kingdom entrepreneur  told an audience of want-a-be entrepreneurs life can be a thrilling adventure when you set people on a course that will increase economic stability for them and the community. The United Kingdom goes through similar real estate challenges. Kevin Seawright believes information that can affect how he works with clients can come from people like . And when positive information comes from clients, Seawright gets a taste of satisfaction and appreciation in one big gulp.

Not every entrepreneur listens to other successful business people like . But after years of experience investing and selling real estate, Kevin listens to everyone. Seawright listens and helps the non-profit community. He received a degree in non-profit business from the Notre Dame subsidiary, Mendoza College.

He also listened to Bianca and Montrell Thornton when they moved into the home RPS Solutions found on Dalton Road in Baltimore. Mr. Seawright told the press Bianca and Montrell symbolizes the heart of the RPS mission statement. RPS Solutions finds custom-created homes for seniors and people with special needs who do not have the resources to take advantage of the quality housing around Baltimore county.

RPS Solutions is the engine on the advocacy train for home buyers. And for groups who join the RPS mission to increase economic stability for Baltimore residents. Fulfilling the American dream of homeownership is a win for the city’s economy and a win for people who live the dream.

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Jake Medwell And Freight Waves Success

Jake Medwell is a prolific entrepreneur and a founding partner of Eight Partners LLC. Since 2015, the company operates as an investing firm in San Francisco, United States. The company operates in many diverse sectors, including technology development and the healthcare system. Jake is among the member of executives in the company and a board member of The Kairos Society. In 2015, he founded the kairos society, and in 2017 acted as an advisor to Rubicon global investments.

Jake Medwell graduated from Southern California university, where he graduated from USC Gould School of law in 2011. While in college, Jake made a significant move by inventing Sole Bicycle Co. (Acq.) and later became a building block of 8VC’s logistics. He has recently made an impressive success in fighting against COVID-19 by being a co-founder of operational marks incorporation with Drew Oetting to assist medical workers in accessing personal protective equipment.

Being a performance and goal-oriented entrepreneur, Jack has contributed to several companies’ formation and scaling up. Evidently, before leading 8VC’ logistics, he co-founded Humin (IAC), a consumer mobile software company, where he formed the engineering team that led to the company’s growth. On the other hand, Jack ventures into Copia and Frightwaves digital forecasting platform.

Freight waves

Since 2015, Jack Medwell has been investing in Freightwaves Company. Freight Waves Company provides digital fast and accurate digital fright intelligence. The company news website, FreightWaves.com, leads commentary and news providers, administering more than 2.5M visitors and over 30 000 to streamers. The site provides current time information and predictions that help logistics and supply chain logistics navigate the fight market. Currently, the company remains the world’s leading digital logistic and supply chain intelligence platform.

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Why Bhanu Choudhrie Favors Diversification in His Business Operations

As business leaders continue to run the operations of their organizations, they must always make sure that they have some of the operational strategies they have been using in the market. There is no successful organizational trader who can remain successful without having an operational strategy that they have consistently been using in their organization. Bhanu Choudhrie has been at the center of a diversification technique that he has been using in his organization for very many years.

There is a huge number of business owners who have some unique techniques and strategies that they have been using in the business environment. Each of the business leaders who have been handling their own strategies has a feeling that their technique is the best because it has been helping them to achieve success. Bhanu Choudhrie knows that he has been very successful with the issue of business diversification that he has been using in the market.

Diversification strategy has always been ignored by most of the organizational leaders and business owners who have not been in the business industry for an extended period. Such leaders believe that incorporating such a technique and strategy in the operations of the organization is a very expensive approach that companies should be avoiding. Bhanu Choudhrie is not opposed to the fact that the issue of business diversification is something complex that other companies should be addressed with caution.

However, the fact that this strategy is very expensive does not mean that companies should not be using it as they continue to run their operations. This is a technique and strategy that can be essential in addressing some of the complex issues in the operations of the business. Bhanu Choudhrie appreciates that this technique helps his organization to deal with most of the critical issues in the industry while at the same time generating sufficient profits for a business.

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ClassDojo: Parents Should Play a Vital Role in Encouraging Positive Behavior


Parents are usually known for correcting behavior. This is a traditional aspect that is usually brought about by the fact that most parents are always analyzing the behaviors that their kids will be portraying. This means that most of them will be checking whether such kids have made sure that they are doing what is expected. In case the kids do not do what is expected, there is a higher chance they will be corrected.

ClassDojo is aware that most of the parents are highly known for correcting behavior. That is why the organization has been encouraging them to do that as a way of reinforcing good behavior. It will go a long way in ensuring that most of the kids have the behavior that is not only acceptable at school but also in their homes. This is a welcome approach that a huge number of parents will be incorporating.

However, correcting the wrong behavior shown by most of the kids is not the only role that parents can play. They can also encourage positive behavior, as ClassDojo has been doing for very many years. This means that parents should not ignore when they see their kids demonstrating some positive behavior. Instead, they should be on the frontline, looking for all the possible ways through which they can easily encourage positive behavior among kids.

ClassDojo indicates that parents should let their kids know they are doing something positive. Small behaviors like finishing homework, being a kid to other kids, and going to bed early are some of the behaviors that should be highly encouraged. This is a very important aspect that will help in ensuring that the kids are happy and that most of the issues they have been trying to undertake in their daily lives with regards to positive behavior are appreciated and noted by their parents.

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Sudhir Choudhrie’s Background Information: Alpha G: Corp’s Vice-Chairperson

Sudhir Choudhrie is a humanitarian and an entrepreneur whose hard work and time are dedicated to improving hospitality, aviation, and healthcare. However, his exposure and influence stretch out to different sectors. Sudhir Choudhrie is a Delhi native-born in 1949.

He even attended the local university to earn an economics degree. On finishing school, he embarked on the real estate business in his grandfather’s company in Delhi. However, within a short while, his spirit in business was conspicuously evident because he started a business that resold UK television in his country, more so the government. This venture grew after some time because he started supplying other consumer commodities alongside farming equipment. This triggered him to establish an international trading venture called Magnum in 1975.

Sudhir Choudhrie’s greatest attention was on widening the export market via stratified partnerships and collaborations across the globe. He created formidable ties with Adidas AG alongside Taj Hotels. Sudhir Choudhrie participated in the formulation of some Indian resorts that turned out to be the best in the area. In 1995, Sudhir helped to create the Adidas Trading branch in India, and the company being famous, more than 180 warehouses and manufacturing joints were established in India.

Sudhir was not relentless in branching out because he joined Ebookers in 1999, and in 2003, he invested in the famous Indian airline called Air Deccan. During his leadership era, the airlines registered more than 200 flights daily, enabling the company to be on a vertical trajectory within a few years. In the following years, Sudhir created many investments globally where his net worth grew to about $2 billion. Choudhrie has won several awards because of his victories and insights. Sudhir has also garnered a lot of respect for his involvement with the struggling ventures and ensures they emerge from the crisis attributed to poor decisions and more

Collaboration between SeaWorld’s CEO and Board allowed for decisive actions

The COVID-19 pandemic has not spared many industries around the globe. The US theme parks entertainment industry was severely disrupted due to closures, ongoing operational costs, and other factors. The 2021 IAAPA Virtual Conference invited Marc Swanson, who serves as the CEO of SeaWorld Entertainment, as the keynote speaker for the event. Swanson and the other leaders of SeaWorld were able to successfully navigate the pandemic and emerge as a stronger and more efficient company. This was a great opportunity for other industry professionals to learn and get inspired by Swanson and his team.

As CEO of SeaWorld, Swanson had to manage different challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. SeaWorld owns and operates over 12 theme parks in different regions of the country. Each location had its unique challenges that required a different strategy. One of the biggest contributing factors in the success of SeaWorld was its ability to be an agile and nimble company that was able to make quick decisions.

Swanson identified Scott Ross, Chairman of the Board of Directors, as a key figure in the success and survival of SeaWorld through the challenging times of the pandemic. According to Swanson, the confidence shown by Scott Ross and the Board in the ability of the SeaWorld leadership team allowed the company to make decisive and bold moves. The collaboration allowed SeaWorld to “manage operational costs and maximize financial flexibility.”

One of the top priorities of SeaWorld was the complete safety of its employees and visitors. Regardless of any financial impact, there is no compromise in the implementation of strict safety policies and procedures at SeaWorld Entertainment locations. The operations team worked closely with local and state governments to develop protocols to keep everyone safe. This included social distancing protocols, hands-free systems, and strict cleaning routines.

Heath Ritenour on Changes to Be Adapted By Insurance Industry after the Covid-19 Pandemic

The wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic crippled most business operations. As a result, different businesses were forced to shut down or find innovative ways of continuing operations, such as working from home. One of the sectors that felt this impact is the insurance sector. Most state governments put in place the cessation of unnecessary movement to contain the virus’s rapid spread. As a result, fewer auto insurance claims have been made since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, most policyholders have again had a hard time paying for their premium policies due to loss of jobs or cut of pay.

Despite the challenges being witnessed in the insurance industry, Heath Ritenour has urged people to focus on the positive side of the pandemic. Heath Ritenour has grown in the insurance industry, with both his parents being founders of the Insurance Office of America. Currently, the company is ranked 11th largest in the United States among other insurance brokerages that are privately held. In 2008, he joined his parents’ company as the CEO. However, his father’s retirement from the company increased his rank to the chairman and CEO of the company. Heath also serves as the president of the IOA Foundation, which facilitates the company’s philanthropic nature.

It is no doubt that the insurance industry has been adamant about technological changes for a long time. However, Heath Ritenour feels like adapting to changes, especially after the pandemic’s unprecedented challenges, is imminent. As a result, he cites some of the few changes to be incorporated.

Heath Ritenour mentions that more insurance agents have been grounded to working from home due to the pandemic. Therefore, as a policyholder, you need to be acquainted with the fact that getting hold of such agents now requires appointments. Walk-ins to their offices cannot work anymore. Heath Ritenour also appreciates the fact that there has been a need to adapt to new insurance technology, such as the use of drones and satellites when viewing insurance claims.

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Insight of the Former Chief Economist of SEC and Online Trading Academy on Retail Education

Education is used severally in the financial industry. It is of great importance to investors and retail traders. The Online Trading Academy recognizes that education is not all equal; hence they decided to seek the opinion of Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, a financial expert. He was the former Chief Economist of the Securities and Exchange Commission and currently works at the American University.

Online Trading Academy has been there for more than 24 years. It has consistently grown since it started with over 40 education centers globally. It’s perfect for those who want to grow proficiency, build skills, have more confidence for investing and trading in the financial markets. It’s the leader in financial education. Strategies used to teach at OTA are to assist investors and traders in making smart moves aligning with their long-term and short-term goals. Proficient instructors teach students with vast online education resources and CliK. Online Trading Academy has served close to 100,000 students satisfied with it.

According to Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, OTA’s educational methods are similar to the college-level venture and subordinates courses of both alumni and undergrad levels. He is excited at how financial technology is enabling and improving learning and risk management. CliK helps students learn and uses technology to support the disciplined method of trading and risk management that Online Trading Academy teaches in its program. Dr. Harris further stated that CliK is essential to people who want to gain confidence with investing and trading.

Dr. Harris is enthusiastic about financial education as a life skill and is committed to finding ways to expand financial education to more people. He has reviewed Online Trading Academy’s course materials, CliK, and attended virtual classes. According to Dr. Harris, some education is theoretical, and some is informational.

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Haiti´s Democracy Representation by Georgette Mulheir

Defend Haiti’s Democracy is an action group set up to bring attention to the civil crisis ensured in the past chain of events. It comprises human rights defenders working collaboratively to restore peace and harmony to the nation’s people. At the moment, the people of Haiti are dealing with rampant organized crime, and according to Defend Haiti’s Democracy’s plea for assistance, children and government opposition are the main targets of the violence (Voice-online).


It seems that ever since the earthquake in 2010, the nation of Haiti has been on a downward spiral both economically and politically. Basic infrastructures are still lacking, and local gangs terrorize the agricultural regions, Georgette Mulheir points out. Part of why crime is on the rise has been linked to criminal elements sanctioned by law enforcement officials loyal to the sitting president. When the parliamentary elections scheduled for 2019 stalled, the president took advantage of installing his loyalists into power. As a result, organized gangs have become common practice to attack and kidnap activists who speak out against the apparent lawlessness. In light of the humanitarian crisis, Defend Haiti’s Democracy organization has taken it upon themselves to bring international attention to their concerns about Haiti’s future. 

The ultimate goal is to develop solutions that can systematically address and remedy the political crisis and the grievous crimes against humanity. The democracy and legal system are to be reinstated to the wohle Haitian society peacefully, and so the people at Defend Haiti’s Democracy have been collaborating with various professionals to discuss the best approaches to end the violence. Georgette Mulheir is one of the many representatives for Defend Haiti’s Democracy; she actively represents the Haitian crisis in the European nations and is a long-time professional in national child care systems. Over the years, Georgette Mulheir has introduced and trained thousands of care system personnel and established emergency child care programs in several countries.

Asot Michael and Politics at Antigua & Barbuda

Asot Michael is a son to one of the Antigua & Barmuda long-time politicians Patrick Michael. He diligently followed in his father’s footsteps as he is currently a serving member of parliament in his country. Asot Michael was born in 1969 to a large family known for its interest in political matters. He was brought up in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, with all his other family members. Asot Michael was quite unfortunate as when he was getting born, the man he is named after had passed on the previous year due to a heart attack. Asot grandfather got a heart attack after witnessing his property get torched by ruddy protestors in Redcliff against specific government directives around the year 1968. Asot wanted and wished he could spend some time with his grandfather and get to know him better.


Asot Michael recalls that his father, Patrick Michael, has been quite ablest with Antigua’s political happenings and is among the founding members of the Antigua and Barbuda labour party. Patrick was one of the highest supporters and contributors to the functions and services of the Antigua & Barbuda labor party. Asot Michael was pretty dedicated to ensuring the party founders’ vision does not vanish and lives on to see the light of the day. Despite the party getting registered when Antigua & Barbuda was undergoing some hard time politically, the party has lived to its vision and mission. Another generation of vibrant and politically conscious Patrick Michael generation has been replaced by the Asot brothers, Maurice, Mitchel, and Asot himself. 


These brothers have been engaging in the country’s social-political activities. Their contribution has had some beautiful impacts on the policies and shaping the lives of Antigua & Barbuda citizens. Asot Michael and his brothers have occupied several government positions in various capacities. They have also been involved in philanthropic missions centered around the country’s social and economic transformation as a whole. Asot Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Economics and Finance from Barry University. He is also an MBA holder from Miami University, where got listed on the Dean’s list. Asot Michael has created his portfolio for the less privileged society, with a mission to care and love.


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