How Miki Agrawal is Excelling in Social Entrepreneurship

The majority of entrepreneurs today don’t know the category they are operating in. In essence, such individuals are only looking for some of the strategic opportunities through which they can become influential in the market. However, experienced entrepreneurs such as Miki Agrawal seem to have sufficient information on the best ways, they can help the community through social entrepreneurship strategies. There multiple challenges that ought to be addressed.


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Over the years, Miki Agrawal has not been trying to incorporate the entrepreneurship strategies that everyone in the business environment has been using. Instead, it is essential to indicate that she has always been an individual who wants to give back to the community. This is likely to be misinterpreted by the majority of the individuals who have been actively interested in investing in the market. The majority of business owners are highly interested in profits.

However, Miki Agrawal is not only interested in getting profits from the market. She is also actively interested in ensuring that she is assisting the community in handling some of the common challenges that have remained relevant for many years. For example, Miki has been working hard to address the healthcare challenges people have been getting by consuming traditional pizza. That is why she has been one of the few individuals who has been working on getting a healthy pizza.

Besides the healthy pizza, Miki Agrawal has also been very proactive in paying attention to the environment’s challenges. In her perception, the majority of the companies have consistently demonstrated that they don’t take care of the current surroundings. For example, the leading toilet paper companies have been cutting millions of trees every year, which has negatively impacted the environment. Through the introduction of innovative toilet paper, Miki wants to save the millions of trees the world losses every year.

Ryan Bishti

Cream Group was founded by Ryan Bishti. The recreation and hospitality industry in London has been shaped by his ventures for over a decade. As a result of Bishti’s accomplishments, he has earned the title of “productivity expert,” “business management expert,” and “marketing expert.” From London to Dubai, his companies have left an indelible mark.

Ryan Bishti is a South London native. Although he has moved on, he is still a proud Londoner. Bishti was exposed to the entertainment world at a young age while growing up in Pakistan. As a student at the University of London, Bishti was inspired by his father’s music career, which helped him to pursue a marketing career.


Bishti’s career in the hotel sector began inexplicably in the late 1990s. He accepted a position as a promoter for music venues based on a suggestion from a friend. With the experience he gained from working in London’s most popular venues, he quickly transitioned into the management of entertainment venues. Because of his background in psychology and marketing, Bishti has been able to transition from a position of management to that of entrepreneur and restaurateur.


First, Bishti entered the entertainment industry on her own in 2009. Since then, he’s focused on making his customers feel like they’re a part of something special. The Cream Group specializes in bringing new and exciting venues to London and other cities around the world, but it goes much deeper than that. It’s important to Ryan Bishti to provide clients with memorable settings and experiences that foster long-term relationships.


Cirque le Soir was founded by Ryan Bishti in 2009 as he continued to advance in his career. Cream Group became London’s premier hospitality and production company after a few years of hard work by Bishti and his team. With Ryan Bishti at the helm, Cream Group’s portfolio of companies has grown steadily for the past decade.

When Ryan Bishti’s numerous businesses became household names, it was because of his dedication and passion. Celebrities, pols, and other influential figures have been guests at his businesses, which have earned him the respect of his competing firms.


Dean Omar Branham Shirley’s Kathy Farinas

Kathy Farinas is a top-rated attorney in Indianapolis, IN. She is among the lawyers affiliated with Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP. 

Her office is located at 951 North Deleware Street in Indianapolis, IN 46202. 

She was chosen as a Super Lawyer between 2021 and 2022. This accolade is given only to a specific number of reputable attorneys in every state. The selection process conducted by Super Lawyers factors in peer acknowledgment, professional accomplishment in legal practice, and other rational aspects.

Farinas has been licensed in Indiana since 1997; she studied at Valparaiso University School of Law and graduated that same year. After successfully passing the bar examination, she secured admission to legal practice.

Her practice areas revolve around Personal Injury- General: Class Action/Mass Torts, Plaintiff: Civil Litigation, Plaintiff: Employment Litigation, Civil Rights, Plaintiff: Plaintiff, Personal Injury – Medical Malpractice: Plaintiff.

Readers can find information about Kathy Farinas at Super Lawyers under the section Lawyer Directory, then Personal Injury Attorneys, next Indiana, and after that, Indianapolis. A map of her office location describes where the firm Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP is located.

There is a list of other lawyers that readers may be interested in viewing their profiles. They fall under the classification of personal injury and are based in different regions.

Futurist Investor and Philanthropist Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a futurist and investor with a passion for technology. Jason Hope is also a life-long learner and teacher of all things related to the future. Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is his favorite area of interest, and he has been learning about them for the past few years.


  1. Blockchain Technology


Jason Hope says that Blockchain Technology can be used in many different ways in the future. Currently, Jason Hope recalls, blockchain technology is a digital ledger distributed amongst all the computers on a network. This ledger helps keep track of everything that happens on the network and ensures that no one person can change or manipulate data on the network. Jason Hope says that this technology can be used for many things, such as voting systems, identity verification, and even tracking items in supply chains.


  1. The Future of Blockchain Technology is Here


Forbes Magazine on Jason Hope


Jason Hope says that Blockchain Technology has come a long way in recent years and will continue to improve over time. He believes that the future of this technology is very bright and that the world will be changed for the better because of it. Jason Hope believes that this technology will help keep everything safe and secure while making it more efficient with time. In his opinion, when you have thousands of computers working together to create a blockchain, then you can’t hack it.


  1. Blockchain Will Eliminate Corruption

Jason Hope says that Blockchain Technology will help eliminate corruption in many different ways. He believes that it can help reduce corruption in government, voting systems, and even national elections. He also believes that this technology can make things more efficient and reduce costs simultaneously. According to Jason Hope, blockchain Technology is an important part of the future, and everyone should know about it. Blockchain Technology is not just for Bitcoin. Technology is constantly changing and improving, and blockchain technology is one of the most important technology areas that has been developing lately. It’s a very exciting time to be alive because we are living in the future.

What Makes PosiGen Different?

PosiGen is a solar and energy provider. That means that if you would like to power your home with the use of solar panels instead of traditional electricity they can help you with that. The biggest expense and normally what will keep a lot of folks from switching to solar power is the cost of the solar panels. 


They represent an investment that will more than pay for themselves with the savings you see on your monthly bill when compared to what you were paying with traditional electricity. At PosiGen, they think this is great but you still have to have the money upfront for that investment. This is where PosiGen is different; they have a way for you to rent to own the panels. 


This means that you are making affordable monthly payments to get access to the panels as well as the solar power. Another outstanding thing that they do to make sure this is in your best interest and will in fact save you money is that with anyone wanting their services. Interested customers in PosiGen have a totally free consultation with you.


They will crunch the numbers to make sure that you are in fact going to save money with them. If it will not save you money then they do not install the service. That is amazing and unheard of. PosiGen solar power company is truly a company that is interested in helping you and putting you first. Even putting you ahead of their profits and bottom line. They have provided their services to many satisfied customers.

Dr Jejurikar office hours

Dr Sameer Jejurikar has over 10 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, having completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Michigan Medical School.
Dr Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX. He specializes in surgical operations to revitalise or enhance the appearance of body parts. He employs his advanced training and knowledge to ensure that every patient has a great experience and gets the results they want.
Plastic surgery is the practice of surgically removing or repairing abnormalities in the human body. This can involve restoring or correcting the form and function of any part of the body, from cosmetic to reconstructive in nature. Dr Jejurikar is able to correct abnormalities that may be causing adverse health effects and preserve overall beauty through his surgical skills.
Dr Jejurikar specializes in cosmetic surgery, and he is one of the leading doctors in his field. He performs a range of procedures to improve or restore facial or body features for better proportions. His procedures help patients feel more confident with their appearance and help people regain self-esteem and self-confidence around others.
Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, Baylor University Medical Center, and Metdalspitaler Oslo are some of the hospitals that Dr Jejurikar is affiliated with, and he speaks the English language. Dr Jejurikar is a very commendable doctor in the field of cosmetic surgery his work is praised by most of his clients through their reviews.
Sameer S. Jejurikar, MD, PA’s office is located at 9101 N Central Expressway, Suite 600 in Dallas. Find out HERE:

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Thrilling Passion for Technology Makes Him a Renowned Icon in The Telecommunications Arena

Haroldo Jacobovicz was born in August of 1961 in Curitiba. He is a Brazilian entrepreneur, investor, and civil engineer. He is one of the sons of civil engineers, Alfredo and Sarita who hail from Parana. In 1986, he got married to his lovely wife Sarita Zlotnik and together have two children, Karina who is a production engineer, and Valeria who is a lawyer. Haroldo Jacobovicz attended Colégio Stella Maris for his childhood education and proceeded to Colégio Militar for his Gymnasium and Secondary Education when it was an exclusive boy’s school.

During his secondary education, he aimed at institutes and academies such as ITA (Instituto Tecnológica da Aeronáutica). This is a school that had significant strengths in its ability to offer exact technology and sciences. Imbued with high levels of discipline, respect, team spirit, and order same to those in the military, Haroldo Jacobovicz went to the famous Federal University of Parana where pursued a civil engineering course in the year 1979. He, later on, graduated in the year 1983 but before being awarded his degree, he had established his first Microsystem company. He got into partnership with his three IT friends and together they would supply pharmacies, supermarkets, and stores with automation. However, the company closed down after being in operation for a year due to an inadequate number of customers.

In the year 1986, Haroldo Jacobovicz went back to his hometown and was employed at the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant as a Technical Board advisor. In the year 1990, he sought to venture into business again where he leased and maintained computers with Minauro Company. Haroldo is an entrepreneur and civil engineer based in Brazil and has had a keen interest in developing disruptive and innovative businesses for over three decades. He was born in the year 1961 in Curitiba. His parents Alfredo and Sarita were civil engineers and they hailed from Parana.

To know more [email protected]Instituto Haroldo Jacobovicz apoiará 20 instituições de Curitiba e região

Journalist and Environmentalist-Simon Denyer

Simon Denyer is a renowned journalist who has worked for numerous media houses as well as organizations. Simon is part of the journalists who wrote a series of articles and was awarded the 2020 Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Reporting for a revolutionary series that showed the effects of temperature on earth with scientific explanation. Simon’s article talks about the global warming that was awarded to the staff of the Washington Post.

Simon Denyer did not write the articles by himself, and he was assisted by his colleague Chris Mooney. The report showed how the largest Island in Japan, Hokkaido, is affected by global warming.

The Pulitzer awards are conducted every year, recognizing 21 categories: music composition, literature, and public service; Columbia University administers the prizes. Simon has vast experience in the media industry, and his experience has allowed him to hold top positions, including being the Washington Post’s Chief Bureau Chief for Japan and Korea.

Mr. Denyer has served as a foreign correspondent for Reuters and the Washington Post in Nairobi, Washington, Beijing, Islamabad, New York, and London. The journalist has authored several books, including “Rogue Elephant” which talks about the Power of Democracy in New India.

Apart from the Pulitzer Prize, 2020, Simon has won other prizes, including Overseas Press Club Award, Human Rights Press Awards, and two National Headliners Awards. Being in the media industry, Mr. Simon has made several Television and Radio appearances, including Fox News, PBS, Sky News, CNN, BCC, and NBR.

For four years, Simon served as the President of the Foreign Corresponds’ club in South Asia. After his high school graduation, Simon got an opportunity to join Cambridge University, Trinity College in 1984 and graduated with a degree in Economics in 1987.

Simon Denyer is not only passionate about journalism and writing articles, but he advocates for the environment to know more click here.

David Black Bam

David Black is a CEO, entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of point72 Ventures, which invests in early-stage technology companies. He also has a background in business and marketing. In 2013, he co-founded the social media platform Hootsuite. With his experience in business and marketing, he brings an extra level of insight to this blog post.

David Black: A Winning Career in Finance
David Black is a successful business executive and entrepreneur. He has been involved in both the business and marketing worlds, and his skills have helped him achieve success in both fields.

David Black’s Philanthropic Accomplishments
David Black has many philanthropic accomplishments. He is a co-founder of point72 Ventures, which invests in early-stage technology companies. He also has a background in business and marketing. In 2013, he co-founded the social media platform Hootsuite. With his experience in business and marketing, he brings an extra level of insight to this blog post.

Working at Balyasny Asset Management
At Balyasny Asset Management, we understand the importance of digital marketing and how it can help your business grow. Our team is passionate about using digital marketing to drive customer engagement. We know that effective digital marketing can help you achieve the goals you set for your business.

One important aspect of digital marketing is building a strong relationship with your customers. We create an excellent customer experience through our website, social media, and email campaigns. We also believe that customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business, so we take great pride in exceptional customer service response times.

David Black — Financial Advisor
David Black has more than 10 years of experience in business and marketing. Black brings his knowledge of business and marketing to this blog post. In 2013, he founded the social media platform Hootsuite. With his experience in business and marketing, he brings an extra level of insight to this blog post.

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Steph Korey on Business Failure

Most business people never want to perceive their business failing at any moment. However, studies have shown that most businesses tend to fail within the initial years of formation. Those businesses that persevere and remain operational after a decade of their formation are those with strong-willed leaders. Contrary to what many business coaches recommend in terms of failure, Steph Korey has other thoughts on the matter. Korey further gives reasons why a business needs to undergo failure at some stage of its lifetime.


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Steph Korey believes that failure gives people a new perspective. Korey explains that in the event of business failure, the business leader is forced to go back to the drawing board and meet with team members. At this stage, everyone is welcome to pitch their opinion regarding the failure and what they can do better. As a result, members feel like they belong as their opinions are valued. Besides, since everyone can table their idea, the business gets to gain from different members and work as a team to develop the best solution for their problem.

Steph Korey further reveals that failure is the gateway to bigger success. Korey argues that for a business to be consistent in its success, then there is something the business is doing wrong as it is not invoking big-enough risks. Korey further says that when you want to play it safe as a business, you can never get to the top competing companies. It would be best to challenge your business with risks that can further lead to a breakthrough.

Undoubtedly, business failures are eye-openers to new ideas and approaches. Companies that take risks and go through failure at different stages are ready to make waves in the entrepreneurial world. Steph Korey believes that when you try to avoid failure, your business growth gets limited as you are stuck at the same place.

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