SeaWorld San Diego to Organize a Spooky Adult Halloween Nighttime Festive

SeaWorld announces new events every year to make it a memorable experience for kids and adults alike, but some of the events in October may not be appropriate for children. They announced that starting this September; they will be hosting a series of spooky nighttime events, which include roaming zombies, a twisted doctor, and a wild clown. They’ll also be hosting a fright and chills show called “Howl-O-Scream”; the show features haunted houses, scary live shows, and roller coaster rides in the dark. These events are only suitable for adults.

This event is coming up after a long period of being indoors due to the pandemic movement and gathering restrictions. “We thought of spicing it up to a little bit to bring people together and create job opportunities as well,” said John Dunlap, SeaWorld San Diego’s Park president speaking to the Union-Tribune. The first quarter of 2021 has been good with the company reporting a 12% increase in sales from 2020 and a 22% increase in the last few months of 2019. Howl-O-scream is a clever scheme to keep both the revenue numbers high while keeping SeaWorld’s visitors entertained.

Showing a glimpse of what the show will entail, SeaWorld San Diego’s Park vice president urged parents to keep children at home no matter how much they love horror. “The event is only targeting a matured audience.” He added. SeaWorld is hosting the event in their San Diego Park for the first time this October, but it’s been there in San Antonio for almost two decades. Tickets for the event are already out and going for as low as $39.99 with discounts and coupons available. The event will run throughout the weekend. It’s a big event hence the need for more workers _ SeaWorld is looking to hire over 1000 workers to help with the occasion.

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