The Different Insurance Approach by Heath Ritenour Leads to IOA’s Success

Heath Ritenour’s leadership in the Insurance Office of America was unplanned. Loving the sports lifestyle, the only reason he joined IOA was that it was his father’s legacy, having led the company for over 30 years.

Professional Start

Heath Ritenour admired his father’s hard work, placing both his agents and customers first. Inspired by his pure intentions, he watched as the agents pushed to sell accounts and help the customers. Besides, he was impressed by their work ethic, thus deciding to start as an intern for IOA while still in college. He focused more on long-term satisfaction even with hundreds of cold calls a day.


Heath Ritenour felt pretending to be an outstanding agent was getting him no sales. Starting by becoming honest about his older clients, he announced he was inexperienced, loosening the hard stance on the client’s part. It started getting him more clients and more leeway on his upward trajectory in his professional career. Raising fast in the company, he proudly worked in various positions for 12 years before reaching leadership positions.

Professional Impact

Heath Ritenour, geared to take the reins from his father but felt inadequate as he was not traditionally trained to take leadership. Recognizing that the goal was to compete with itself, Heath realized that the nine agents the company had when he was an agent grew to over 500 agents. With the responsibility hanging over his head, he decided to step into the shoes, protecting the agent’s first culture of the growing corporate.

CEO Position

In 2008, Heath Ritenour stepped into the role of CEO of the insurance office of America. Despite the challenging economic times, he was able to grow the company’s company by $6 million by the end of 2009.

Starting as an intern, the road to leadership has had numerous hurdles and blocks, including lousy health after a cancer diagnosis. Never losing sight of the company’s vision and mission, he drives the company to success despite all odds.