The Evvy Team is a Group of Highly-Trained

The Evvy team is a group of highly-trained, creative, and collaborative scientists, doctors, designers, and doers who tackle big problems: finding new cures for diseases or developing software that makes life better for everyone. People come to us with ideas and questions about the world around them; we help them find answers.


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Evvy is a startup focused on enabling people to have more control over their health. We work with doctors, patients, and scientists — both in the public and private sectors — to make sure people are getting the best possible care at any given moment. They are working on a mobile app that will make it easier to access medical information. They are also looking at alternative treatment options, like acupuncture and yoga, and are creating a platform for doctors to share their experiences.

Women’s health has come a long way in the past few decades. The ability to control our reproductive health, or the lack thereof, has given women the power to choose when and if they have children. However, it is not all roses. Evvy is working to make it easier for women to access reliable, safe reproductive health care. Moreover, in doing so, they are helping solve a problem that affects millions of women worldwide.

Women’s health is a big challenge. The World Health Organization estimates that 200 million women worldwide have an unmet need for family planning, and this number is expected to rise to 300 million by 2015. And while access to birth control has improved significantly over the past few decades, more than 40% of women still do not have ready access to contraceptives

Evvy is trying to make sure that every woman has access to a wide variety of contraceptive methods and counseling. Some women prefer a particular method, while others prefer another. You may even want a different type of birth control at different times in your life. They are working to ensure that there is always an option for the women who want it.

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