Wes Edens on why he invested into the BAL and what it could turn into

Wes Edens is recognized as the CEO of New Fortress Energy and the owner of the NBA franchise, the Milwaukee Bucks. The CEO answered some questions regarding his investment into the BAL, known as the Basketball Africa League, and their future. He drew interest into the league naturally to see the athletic talent that can transition to superstardom. The main purpose of the BAL, according to Wes Edens, is for it to be a league of its own that will be competitive. He reflects he loves sports and believes it blends well with business opportunities. For the BAL to take itself to the next level, the CEO affirms the media will and needs to play a big role. Edens believes the two come hand in hand with one another. He sees Africa as a good location to bring renewable clean energy through his company in New Fortress Energy. Wes Edens believes, when entering new markets, that everyone has to be on the same page. He labels himself as a patient individual but not when it comes to working within a time frame. The CEO sees Rwanda as a highly valuable investment opportunity. He greatly credits the leadership of their president. Rwanda has the chance to grow tremendously and become something special in the future. Wes Edens summarizes he regularly has meetings about the BAL and NBA on what to change going forward. One of the main challenges is travel and having the infrastructure. Edens believes the BAL will evolve and become something big like what occurred with the G-League.

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